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18 Apr 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/14
Telstra moves RDOs to a public holiday - we are fighting this outrageous new development. Join us on Mayday. Mirait EBA response. Data leak at ESAP. What a week at Aus Post. Technical Job Vacancies.
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11 Apr 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/13
Items on Telstra Triple Zero Privacy, Striking workers win and Telstra AWA ITEA developments.
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1 Apr 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/12
Optus Super, APSS Merger, Mirait EBA, Post Shift Swaps, Post Bullying, Telstra Structure update, Optus redundancies, ACTU new petition.
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21 Mar 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/11
Working people have successfully campaigned to stop many of the worst aspects of the Morrison Government's IR Omnibus Bill. As a CWU member, you are a member of Union Shopper. Mirait EBA, Post Shift Swap.
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18 Mar 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/10
CEPU Structure, Post Newcastle, Post Shift Swap, Telstra RDO, Telstra Redundancies, ACTU News
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07 Mar 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/09
Optus prefilling ARL, Tech Jobs at Post, Post shift Swaps, Post Overtime, Mirait EBA progress and AWA terminations.
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28 February 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/08
Optus ARL dispute to FWC, Post SPF shift swap dispute developments, Bathurst and Oberon exchanges, Mirait EBA developments and an ACTU petition.
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21 February 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/07
Updates on Telstra Purple, Mirait EBA, SPF Bullying, SPF shift swap and Telstra leave.
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15 February 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/06
Articles on Mirait EBA talks, Optus ARL, InfraCo and subsidiaries, Telstra Purple, Post Shift Swaps, New laws reduce your bargaining power.
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08 February 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/05
Post SPF Shift Swapa, More on Telstra AWA/ITEA terminations, More on InfraCo, Purple and Subsidiaries, Vic T&S Bulletin, N&IT, Job Vacancy at Post
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31 January 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/04
More on Telstra AWA?ITEA terminations, More on InfraCo, Purple and Subsidiaries, Post SPF Shift Swapa, Post EBA, Bathurst Oberon Exchanges.
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26 January 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/03
SPF Technical Training, Network Contraction and Promise - GPS tracking, InfraCo and other subsidiaries and the future and Telstra to terminate all AWAs and ITEAs
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18 January 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/02
We have the start of a full analysis of the implications of the Telstra Purple EBA and what it may mean for InfraCo and other proposed subsidiaries.. We also will refer the Optus Annual Leave (prefilling) to the FWC. There is a short summary of SPF issues. And Google workers organise to improve conditions.
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10 January 2021 - BULLETIN 2021/01
Post SPF dispute to FWC, Telstra Purple, Optus ARL, Sick Leave denied during Covid and "Women of Steel" Nowra showing.
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21 December 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/49
SPF Shift Swaps and Overtime, Exchange cleaning and Optus ARL
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14 December 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/48
Our Accounts, Optus ARL and Workchoices again.
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7 December 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/47
Telstra Exchange cleaning and Kent St and Edensor Park, Optus prefilling ARL and forced ARL reply, 183 job deaths in a year, Visionstream overtime, And a Technical Job at Post.
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23 August 2020 - ANNUAL ACCOUNTS
The annual accounts of the Branch have now been published on our web site. The accounts will be received by the AGM on the date above. The accounts are at
Branch Annual Accounts.

OHS laws which are designed to keep workers safe at work need to be updated to deal with the reality of climate change, which will mean hotter days and more bushfires, resulting in conditions which are hazardous to workers.
In the last week, the ACTU has released two safety alerts, one regarding smoke and one regarding heat, we call on the Morrison Government to act urgently to implement new regulations to protect workers from these hazards
Click here for ACTU Smoke Haze Policy.
Click here for ACTU Heat Policy.

05 May 2019 - MAY DAY RALLY

by David Marin-Guzman. A Telstra and Foxtel contractor ... is facing a $400 million class action for allegedly underpaying thousands of technicians through sham contracts.
See ...
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See ... More at ABC News
See ... Watch video ABC 7.30 Report ...

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