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10 Sept 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/34
No bulletin for next 2 weeks. Reports on Post Newcastle dispute, Telstra GAT dispute, SPF, SEC Decision and the Telstra break-up.
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4 Sept 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/33
What are real wages? TPG pay cut proposed. CWU UK members to strike. Also Post Newcastle, Telstra GAT, SPF TCM., SWLF TCM.
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28 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/32
This week items on Aus Post Newcastle, TPG EBA, Telstra break-up and "HR is not your friend"
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21 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/31
This week items on Telstra E000 Covid laws, Post Allowances, Hurt Survey, Wages fall and OHS working alone
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14 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/30
This week, the postal restructure progress and short reports on the Post Newcastle dispute and Telstra GAT dispute. BAI report underpayments. And items on the termination of EBAs.
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7 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/29
See a message from our President, and items on fee increases, and TPG EBA. We have disputes in Telstra GAT and Post Newcastle
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1 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/28
The Branch Committee of Management has determined that the Annual General Meeting be held on Wednesday 24 August 2022 at 6.00pm Given the Covid situation, the BCOM advises that the meeting be open to members via telephone and Zoom. The annual accounts and audit report of the Branch have now been published at
Annual Accounts The Officer and Related Party Disclosure Statement is at ORPD. Click here for the full Bulletin.

31 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/27
Post CPI pay rise, redundancy swaps, corporate profits.
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24 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/26
This week: Membership Fees for tax, Postal Tech upgrades, Telstra GAT dispute, More Telstra Redundancies, TPG EBA issues, CWU (UK) to strike.
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17 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/25
No Telstra SEC decision yet. Telstra acquires Digical at a discount.
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10 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/24
This week: Telstra EBA approved by FWC. SEC dispute decision this week. SPF Overtime issue. Royal Mail issues new stamp.
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3 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/23
This week: Telstra ARL process flawed. The long fight for Superannuation. TPG EBA. Telstra T25 under way.
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26 June 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/22
Items this week: BAI win CPI+1% increase. Telstra GAT roster changes disputed. TPG new EBA draft soon. Bathurst exchange has no water.
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19 June 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/21
Items this week: The National Wage Case increases and your pay. Roster changes in Telstra N&IT. Kordia and Visionstream changes. Retail self cleaning.
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12 June 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/20
Aus Post pay rise likely to be 5.1% in September. The ACTU debunks wage rise myths. And a report on asbestos.
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5 June 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/19
We have news on the TPG EBA, Post Authorised Day, Post Newcastle cuts, the Telstra Retail Stores EBA. and the ACTU wages campaign. There is an interesting FWC decision re managers who refuse to do the work of strikers.
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29 May 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/18
This week we celebrated 150 years of the NSW Trades and Labor Council. From the Eight Hour Day to securing leave entitlements and advocating for equal pay, our history is brimming with accomplishments that created better wages, conditions and rights in the workplace. And the ACTU begins 4 campaigns to improve conditions for women.
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22 May 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/17
Labor win the federal election - a win for workers. TPG EBA talks continue and technical and IT staff get a separate EBA. Branch Amalgamation update..
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8 May 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/16
This week we discuss union power and your rights to be represented in disputes. The ACTU calls for a pledge to support labor in the election.
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1 May 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/15
This week: CPI at 5.1% equals a big pay cut. Telstra EBA voted up. SEC Dispute in FWC. Optus redundancies. TPG EBA developments. Workplace safety worsens. Telstra Covid policy change.
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20 Apr 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/14
We urge a vote NO in Telstra EBA, Telstra DB Super confusion.
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13 Apr 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/13
Telstra EBA Information Hook-up
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10 Apr 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/12
We urge a vote NO in Telstra EBA. See items on Telstra EBA, TPG EBA, and E000 work to get harder.
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8 Apr 2022 - TELSTRA EBA

Telstra is rushing our a ballot over Easter and while many are on leave.
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3 Apr 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/11
See items on CPI and wage rises. Telstra CEO - how did he do?
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27 Mar 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/10
The governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Philip Lowe, has warned Australians they are set to take a real pay cut of 1.5% this year because sluggish wages growth won't meet a surge in inflation.
"The inflation rate at the moment is 3.5% and will probably go up to 4.5%, who knows, depending on what happens with oil prices," Lowe told journalists at a Walkley Foundation lunch in Sydney on Tuesday.
See updates on Optus, TPG and Telstra EBA. See our comments re Telstra workers' compensation.
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20 Mar 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/09
This week we cover a number of topics - mostly EBA related. We ask what is a fair pay rise?. We cover EBA negotiations in Telstra, TPG and Broadcast Australia. There is also reports on Telstra Forced Leave and more redundancies.
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9 Mar 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/08
See If you don't get at least a 5% pay rise this year, you'll be going backwards. says Barefoot Investor.. Items on Telstra EBA, Mirait EBA, TPG EBA and Wage Theft. Also on Post Super and Post tech review.
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1 Mar 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/07
Items about the Post Tech Review and the SPF LWG. Short reports on TPG EBA talks, NBN EBA, Optus EBA and BAI EBA. Notes on SE Construction dispute, Post profits, election lies and the NSW Rail dispute.
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20 Feb 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/06
TPG EBA talks begin. Optus EBA - Vote NO. E000 Covid progress stalls. Good news on Superannuation for low paid.
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13 Feb 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/05
BSA class action settled. TPG draft EBA released. Extensive coverage of Covid in E000.
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