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20 September 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/36
Items about Silcar EBA, Telstra Toilets & ARL, Work from Home, Post Problems, Optus, Life Members
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13 September 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/35
Notice of Branch AGM Read about Telstra Toilets, Super under attack, Post Parcel records, and a CEO bonus.
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30 August 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/34
AGM, Telstra exchange amenities, Activism works, Morrison undermines bargaining rights, Holgate lashed by Senate, Post bosses need training, Post Parcel detours, Senate vote fails, Post financial results, Post thank you bonus, Post Bosses may get bonus
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23 August 2020 - NOTICE OF AGM
The Branch Committee of Management has determined that the Annual General Meeting be held on Wednesday 16 September 2020 at 6.00pm at the Office of the Branch at Level 2/321 Pitt St, Sydney 2000.
Given the Covid situation, the BCOM advises that the meeting be open to members via telephone and Zoom.
AGM BY PHONE: Phone 02 8015 6011 Meeting ID: Password: to be advised
AGM BY ZOOM: Download the free app "Zoom" to your phone, pad or computer. Click the link below or enter meeting ID and password.
The meeting ID and password will be sent by email or phone us on 0428 942 878.

23 August 2020 - ANNUAL ACCOUNTS
The annual accounts of the Branch have now been published on our web site. The accounts will be received by the AGM on the date above. The accounts are at
Branch Annual Accounts.

23 August 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/33
AGM, Telstra Field Services and NOC Networks, Optus redundancies and Government may defer Superannuation increase.
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16 August 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/32
Telstra classifications and work, SPF problems, Post Authorised Holiday, BSA Class Action, Penalty Rates, Sick Leave High Ct decision.
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9 August 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/31
Telstra success Profiles and you, Post SPF agreement (yet to be ratified) Woolworths members win at Wyong and NBN to downsize.
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2 August 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/30
Post SPF Mediation outcome, Post Parcels at record levels, Post Authorised Holiday and Superannuation Part 7
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26 July 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/29
Telstra emails, forced ARL, Post Senate issues, Post MOU and Post Gradings
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19 July 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/28
Post SPF mediation next week, Post MOU, Telstra Xmas shut down, Telstra need your help, Superannuation and withdrawing $10k, Telstra Job Profiles
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12 July 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/27
Post 1% lump sum bonus - good news. Post EBA, MOU and Redundancies. ACMA EBA talks.
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05 July 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/26
Post SPF mediation to go ahead, Telstra Forced leave again, Post Senate inquiry, Superannuation - how an accumulation fund fared through Covid, Hills Pay back and more.
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28 June 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/25
Telstra EBA Back Pay, Post SPF mediation and overtime changes, Superannuation - how an accumulation fund fared through Covid, Superannuation under attack, Jobs at Post, USA Parcel upturn,
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21 June 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/24
Telstra EBA implementation, Post SPF to mediation, Post Canberra, National Wage Case 1.75%.
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14 June 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/23
Telstra EBA certified, Post SPF, Post delivery cuts, Telstra service problems and Telstra EBA undertakings.
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7 June 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/22
Forced ARL LSL - a complete summary. Redundancies in Post delivery. InfraCo and NBN future.
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31 May 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/21
More requests by Telstra to take leave. Government drops anti worker legislation - Ensuring Integrity. Union membership matters.
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24 May 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/20
Post SPF unresolved. Superannuation a long term investment. Vote NO to any EBA amendment - until we can study the proposal. Hills travel costs.Casual workers can be permanent workers.
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17 May 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/19
Post SPF - Post table Plan B after Plan A rejected. Optus confirm that request to take leave is voluntary. Join ACTU campaigns.
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10 May 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/18
Forced leave in Optus and Telstra. TA Bank Accounts in Telstra. Superannuation Part 4.
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03 May 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/17
Hills Ltd dispute referred to FWC. Telstra force leave a breach of the FW Act. Only 21% agree to take 10 days leave before Sept. Post SPF secret lists and Post failure to explain position. ACTU weekly broadcasts.
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20 Apr 2020 - BULLETIN 2020/15
FWC has been given power to settle JobKeeper disputes, Govt makes it easier for bosses to change your EBA. Hills pay cuts, Telstra annual leave and new jobs. Telstra journey claim concerns.
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22 Dec 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/50
This is the last bulletin for 2019 - Number 50. We trust you found them relevant and informative.
On behalf of the CWU NSW T&S Branch we hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy some time with those you love.
In our last news, read about the SPF dispute and Telstra EBA.
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OHS laws which are designed to keep workers safe at work need to be updated to deal with the reality of climate change, which will mean hotter days and more bushfires, resulting in conditions which are hazardous to workers.
In the last week, the ACTU has released two safety alerts, one regarding smoke and one regarding heat, we call on the Morrison Government to act urgently to implement new regulations to protect workers from these hazards
Click here for ACTU Smoke Haze Policy.
Click here for ACTU Heat Policy.

8 Dec 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/48
If the Telstra briefing jargon is correct, you will not be Telstra employees from July next year.
The signs are that you will be in a subsidiary, possibly InfraCo Pty Ltd. (See the Telstra Investor Day reports below.)
This week the Telstra EBA was approved. For a miserable 1.8% pay rise, we lost, for example, the right to stay as a Telstra employee and the right (in our view) not to be directed to take LSL.
Our Branch, together with the 2 Vic Branches recommended a NO vote. The other 4 CEPU Branches actively campaigned for a YES vote, somehow convincing their members and others that this was a fantastic deal. It's not.
News from Telstra Investor day
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05 May 2019 - MAY DAY RALLY

by David Marin-Guzman. A Telstra and Foxtel contractor ... is facing a $400 million class action for allegedly underpaying thousands of technicians through sham contracts.
See ...
More at AFR (wait for page to display - 10 sec)
See ... More at ABC News
See ... Watch video ABC 7.30 Report ...

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