BULLETIN NO 119 Dated 13-07-18

Telstra's response to some of your claims.

Employment arrangements: Telstra confirmed that Job Family was their preferred model. They have no appetite to shift members to Workstream and are dead set against considering any pay equality or parity arrangements between the two groups of employees.

Placement Period: Discussions are continuing around foregoing the placement period with payment in lieu for members who have accepted a voluntary redundancy. Telstra has expressed some preparedness to allow opting out of the placement period but are not too keen on payments in lieu.

Redundancy: Telstra rejected outright our claim to give members more choice around opting for a redundancy rather than being tapped on the shoulder. The reasons Telstra cited for this was their need to "retain talent and skills". Funny - where was Telstra's hypocritical consideration of this when Andy Penn decided to put 9,500 families out on the street through a press conference?

Other matters; Telstra is still considering the Unions claims around the following issues
(i) the banking of RDO's,
(ii) the rest relief clause,
(iii) log-on arrangements,
(iv) allowances for garaging of vehicles and stores
(v) rest breaks in retail.

Pay Rise: This has not yet been discussed formally, aside from the occasional remark by Telstra that, "this year we cannot be as generous as we have been in the past". Pay discussions are approaching soon and we will keep members updated with developments.

Telstra's controversial transfer of business / out the door proposal.

Your Union is standing strong against the introduction of this controversial claim. The proposed clause relieves Telstra of any obligation to pay you redundancy benefits if your position at Telstra is surplus and you have been offered suitable employment somewhere else, whether you accept that offer or not.

Generally speaking, the employment offer must be on terms and conditions substantially similar to, and overall, no less favourable than, those currently - including the carry-over of leave entitlements. However, your terms and conditions only need to fit the above description at the time you transfer over. Once there, the new company can seek to terminate the agreement that covers your employment or replace it or reassign you to a different role.

Authorised by Alex Jansen State Secretary
CWU Telecommunications & Services Branch