6 OCT 2019

The Telstra AGM is on Tue 15 Oct 2018 in Melbourne. The Vic T&S Branch will be at the AGM. The Branch will again raise some of our issues (like pay v CEO pay).
If you wish to proxy John Ellery (full name Christopher John Ellery) to cast your vote at that meeting, please fill out the on line arrangements at Telstra AGM, and send him a copy of the nomination. We will include this link in future bulletins, but please either vote or proxy as soon as possible. Could you please also email a copy of the vote or if that isn't possible then the registration /confirmation to John - jellery@cwu.asn.au

We have a number of complaints re the changes in classifications - demotions by another name. We sought a meeting with Telstra but could not arrange it last week. We have written to Telstra as follows:

    I refer to our phone discussion re the classification of staff in a number of areas.
    An example of the problem is this: CFW8 classified staff have been downgraded to SW8 classified staff. (eg Wideband Delivery staff). The demotion is from a salary of approx. $110,000 to $100,000 - just on $10,000 pa. Because of the demotion the members are now on salary maintenance.
    This type of detail has never been communicated to the union or staff. We noted some payroll changes some time ago but no one had notice that demotions would occur.
    The overpaid officer status also makes members vulnerable in the future. There was no consultation. Members were not even told of the demotions and the reasons.
    We seek your urgent agreement that staff will re-reinstated to their actual classifications immediately.
    Further we seek a meeting including John Ellery from the Vic T&S Branch and the Vic P&T Branch to discuss the process as soon as possible. It may be that other Branches will have members affected and they should be offered inclusion as well.

We (and John Ellery Vic T&S) met with Post Engineering this week to seek answers re the announcement of redundancies in the area. Post had breached the EBA by failing to consult with us. Following the meeting we wrote to Post as follows:

    To sum up our position following discussions yesterday
    1. Post indicated that they wish to undertake a restructure of the Engineering Group which will involve redundancies across NSW, Vic and Qld.
    2. This was the first time that we have been advised of the proposal and as yet do not have the power point explanation or any other document.
    3. There has been no consultation on the matter
    4. The redundancy provisions in the EBA are not enlivened until the consultation phase has concluded
    5. Thus we seek that the Form A, where issued be withdrawn.
    6. Further we seek that the EOI be withdrawn.
    Given the complexity of this and restructures in the field, particularly Syd and the various locations, a face to face meeting is required if you wish to proceed.

Post responded as follows:

    We are working with the technical Managers in the effected states to facilitate the opportunities for anyone displaced to be considered for redeployment into available roles. This includes SPF (recruiting has been placed on hold) and Eastern Creek in NSW, Melbourne North in Victoria. As discussed we will also be looking for VRP swap opportunities across all states.
    An important enabler for the above is the EOI process which allows the effected staff to flag their preferences which will allow us understand their preferences and better position them for possible redeployment opportunities.
    I have committed that no further action relating to the restructure of award positions will be undertaken until after the consultative meetings next week and next steps are determined.
    I am committed to ensuring we explore all genuine redeployment opportunities for those effected by this change and see the withdrawal of the EOI and Forma A's as counterproductive to achieving this.

Post has written to us as follows. We will attend the briefings mentioned below and look forward to getting your feedback. Already we have heard that the changes are not welcome or logical.

    Thank you for your time last Thursday in which we discussed the Sydney Parcel Facility - Technicians Shift Alignment.
    As we outlined, the changes we are looking to implement at SPF for our Technicians will align to the Processing shift changes that are being finalised. The new shift structure will provide an extended access window to have all intrusive and/or maintenance programs of work performed Monday to Friday during the non-operational processing times.
    The following summarises the outcomes and our agreed approach moving forward with the range of initiatives across the Processing Facilities within Sydney.
    A timetable of briefings for staff at SPF has been scheduled for next Tuesday at 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 8pm and following James Robinson will arrange the makeup of the LWG being one representative from each shift.
    The maintenances of the SGF conveyor systems and MPS/SPS will fall under the resourcing of SWLF technicians with a transition date to be advised following staff briefings. (OUR BRANCH HAS NOT AGREED TO THIS).

Telstra has advised of another round of cuts - 570 jobs in total. As usual, Telstra will have already informed staff affected of the details. The majority are in Global Business and Network and IT. They are in all states and regions. If any member has any difficulty please call us.

Monitor our HOME PAGE for details of the next hook-up.
The hook-up is hosted by John Ellery a member of the negotiating committee from our T&S Vic Branch. Next Meeting Wednesday 9 Oct 7.30pm. Meeting ID is 176284911
+ Simply dial in: 02 8015 2088 and enter the Meeting ID

Please note the following changes as we simplify our phone numbers
0428 942 878 dan.dwyer@cwunion.net Dan Dwyer Secretary/Lawyer - for industrial matters & advice
0447 265 443 reception@cwunion.net Administrative eg payments, applications, change of details

Authorised by Dan Dwyer Branch Secretary
CWU Telecommunications & Services Branch, Leichhardt, NSW.


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