27 JAN 2020

We reproduced the letter from Post in the last Bulletin. Post then amended their letter. Here variation

First letter: SPF staff will be provided with the opportunity to perform the Sunday SGF work on overtime for a period of 3 months, there will initially be 2 technicians required on each shift whilst we further discuss our intention to reduce this requirement to 1 Technician on each shift.

Second Letter: In relation to SGF, our intent is to continue discussions and consultation on the current labour manning numbers with the intent to reduce to 1 tech per shift during the operational windows. SPF staff will be provided with the opportunity to perform the Sunday SGF work on overtime while we finalise consultation.

Post conducted management briefings this week at short notice. We have separately gathered feedback and will be meeting with Post tomorrow, Tuesday, to respond. There are a number of issues to be resolved but the big issue is the large cut in income. The current proposal is not acceptable. We will put a comprehensive proposal which will address continued work at SGF and overtime. The matter can still go back to the FWC if we cannot reach an agreement. We have not agreed to the implementation date.

Telstra has written to us as follows (extracts only). Should you have any questions or issues please call us.

    Promise in Global Business Services - Enhanced Services
    I write to advise you that Enhanced Services has made an initial decision to implement the Promise Workforce Management System with a group of Enhanced Services technicians who are not currently using the system. Promise is already used by the majority of Telstra's field technicians, and implementing the system with this group of employees will improve the flow of work to the field.
    The Promise system:
    - effectively manages different skill types, work types and locations, whilst optimising for cost and customer experience;
    - provides our maintenance workforce a simple means of dispatching and completing tasks through a tablet, and simple button tasks are automated;
    - allows for potential future introduction of "Where's my Tech" functionality in the workgroup, which enables Telstra's customers to map the progress of their CT, enabling customers to anticipate the arrival of their technician;
    - GPS tracking feature will only activate when the Promise app is opened.
    We propose to transition field technicians working in the Enhanced Services WiFi team to the system.
    Telstra is committed to consulting with the impacted employees, and their chosen representatives, by seeking their views in relation to this current proposal and giving them a bona fide opportunity to influence the decision making process. Employees were briefed on the changes today.

We wrote to Post as follows:

    I am advised that on Monday 20 Jan, the shift numbers present at SPF on day shift were 1 X TL and 1 x PTO4. Three staff were absent for various reasons. It appears that you have taken a deliberate decision not to fill vacant shifts. My understanding is that we have an agreement that there be a minimum of 4 x PTO4 on day shifts. I seek the following: An undertaking that you will honour our agreement of a minimum of 4 staff on day shifts. We need urgent clarification of your position as you have been assuring us that ad hoc overtime will not change. Minimum staffing numbers affect that undertaking. This will affect our response to the new roster proposal.

Post responded as follows - with no clear policy. We will be raising the matter at the Tuesday meeting.

    As you aware we have provided the unions' with our proposed technical roster moving forward, as well as commencing staff briefings to enable feedback to be provided on these rosters. As part of our proposal we have not included minimum numbers as this will be dependent on mail volumes and operational priorities at that time, I can commit that we will have sufficient resources to run our operations effectively and in a safe manner.
    In respect of the situation on Monday 20 January, there were 3 staff members out of 4 that were off on sick leave on that day and we did call in additional resources where required, it is worth noting that there were periods in that operating window where there were no machine operations, we were also able to prioritise the work of the maintenance group to have that team available to assist where required. I am satisfied that we were able to appropriately resource our operations in a safe manner on that day. As you can appreciate, we need to be mindful that we are appropriately utilising our resources and that we do not enter into arrangements that may restrict our ability to effectively manage our operations.

In the last two years nearly 300 workers have been diagnosed with lung diseases linked to breathing in crystalline silica dust. When a person inhales fine silica dust after it's been cut or ground, it makes its way into your lungs, scarring and damaging them irreversibly. The most terrifying part of these diseases is the disease can lay dormant in your lungs, showing no signs of ill health, until years after exposure. Unions are campaigning to stop workers being exposed to dangerous silica dust. Those working with engineered stone kitchen and bathroom bench tops are particularly at risk. Now the suppliers of these deadly products are mobilising to take control of the way health and safety laws work for them. Will you sign our petition telling the government regulator that these suppliers can't just make their own rules? Liam O'Brien ACTU Assistant Secretary

We have been advised that Telstra staff will soon be performing some proactive exchange maintenance tasks that were previously performed by 3rd party contractors. There is no off the shelf training that Telstra can obtain for staff to do this work, so they agreed with the 3rd party for them to train up an initial group of technicians who will be doing the work. The training consists of:
 3 days ride on where the 3rd party technicians will familiarise Telstra people with the work;
 1 day theory with the 3rd party's head trainer;
 3 days ride on where the 3rd party technicians will observe Telstra people perform the work.
Once this is done Telstra will review the effectiveness of the training and check whether staff are confident to perform the work without the 3rd party.
For this initial roll-out Telstra are leveraging the 3rd party contractor's work instructions, along with a Safe Work Method Statement that has been prepared by the Telstra Health and Safety team in preparation for the transition. Telstra has advised that they will build out their own work instructions and training for other technicians who may be asked to do the work.

Please note the following changes as we simplify our phone numbers
0428 942 878 dan.dwyer@cwunion.net Dan Dwyer Secretary/Lawyer - for industrial matters & advice
0447 365 443 reception@cwunion.net Administrative eg payments, applications, change of details

Authorised by Dan Dwyer Branch Secretary
CWU Telecommunications & Services Branch, Sydney City, NSW.



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