15 MAR 2020

Members are receiving directions to book LSL. The position is that the EBA calls up the new Telstra policy. It will not be changed during the 2 year EBA. The EBA is not yet certified. The important change is that Telstra can only seek that you take at least 9 days in a year if you have more than 90 days of LSL. See our Web Page for more detail

On Friday Telstra decided to adopt a work from home policy for some. We assume directions will be issued next week. Here are some extracts from their web page:

    Alex Badenoch. As governments and agencies around the world move to contain COVID-19, we're also taking the right precautions to look after the wellbeing of our people. With global events now unfolding very quickly, we've made the decision to move to full work from home arrangements for Australian-based office staff effective next week. These arrangements will remain in place until the end of March at a minimum. We want to highlight that this is not due to a case of COVID-19 within our team.
    It is important to note there are some essential operations which cannot be fulfilled remotely, including store and field teams, call centres, and some other functions. We will continue to have additional procedures and safeguards in place for teams not able to work from home. Other changes implemented from today include cancellation of all events and meetings of more than 25 people, effective today. We will also be cancelling domestic air travel unless absolutely necessary. Alex Badenoch

Let's hope Optus is not included. This is an extract from the media:

    SINGTEL has decided to roll out a wage freeze across the organisation. The move affects all but operational and support staff, said group chief executive Chua Sock Koong in a memo to employees on Monday. She added that the group needed to strengthen its financial resilience and eliminate more costs during the period. "Times like these require us to tighten our belts, both as a company and as workers, to ensure the long-term competitiveness of our business," Ms Chua said. As the group moves into the new financial year, Ms Chua said, the company needs to brace itself for more uncertainty. "The business and structural challenges we are already facing will be further aggravated by weak sentiment and economies made more sluggish by the virus threat," she added.

The ACTU Executive has resolved to call on the Morrison Government to urgently legislate to provide two paid weeks leave for all workers who may have to stop work because of the coronavirus. Pay is particularly important to casual and contract employees who have no sick leave.

We met with Post last Wednesday. We raised several matters. As a result, we will resume regular meetings in the future.
- RDO changes - we raised this and Post say that while the matter was raised for discussion, no changes will be made. We asked that if it arises again, it should be raised in a meeting with the union.
- Start and Finish times: Again Post say that no changes have been made. It was discussed but that is all.
- Electrical Licences: We advised that we want to see any outcome from an LWG as this is an important OHS issue.

We are meeting with Post this Wednesday (last week's meeting was postponed due to a clash with other meetings. Our letter to Post (see last Bulletin) raised several matters. Post responded as follows:

    I refer to your email of 6 March 2020 raising a number of concerns with the commencement of the one person shifts at SGF, the following is provided regarding the issues raised;
  • There have been a number of meetings to discuss this proposal, I note you were not available although your AUR, Garry Newberry has been actively involved in this process. At our last meeting, we advised that as we had addressed the safety issues with this proposal we would be implementing these arrangements as of 9 March 2020.
  • There was a Safe Work Instruction (SWI) that was developed to include a trained non-technical person to support one technician during parcel clearance, this SWI has been reviewed by both the AUR/HSR and their feedback was incorporated in the document. In addition, the AUR/HSR and Technical staff supported our Learning & Development area in training operational staff during parcel clearing sessions at SGF.
  • The SWI has been released to both the Technical team as well as the SGF Processing areas and a copy is attached for your information.
  • In respect of the 2 person tasks, these have been identified and completed with the assistance of the Technical HSR, they also incorporated feedback from some of the Technical group. The majority of these tasks are scheduled within the maintenance plan and if there is a fault that occurs onsite that requires further assistance then this will be provided accordingly.
  • In the case of an emergency or a Technician requiring assistance, there is an escalation process that has been provided to the Team.

    I am disappointed that you refer to the introduction of one person shifts at SGF as haphazard, this was a detailed process that involved; a number of meetings with union officials, AURs and HSRs, the development of a SWI with input from all stakeholders, and training for all relevant parties prior to the implementation of this arrangement. I am happy to discuss the above in more detail at our meeting on Wednesday.

Please note the following changes as we simplify our phone numbers
0428 942 878 dan.dwyer@cwunion.net Dan Dwyer Secretary/Lawyer - for industrial matters & advice
0447 365 443 reception@cwunion.net Administrative eg payments, applications, change of details

Authorised by Dan Dwyer Branch Secretary
CWU Telecommunications & Services Branch, Sydney City, NSW.



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