23 Oct 2020

The Branch Committee of Management has determined that the Annual General Meeting be held on Wednesday 16 September 2020 at 6.00pm at the Office of the Branch at Level 2/321 Pitt St, Sydney 2000 Given the Covid situation, the BCOM advises that the meeting be open to members via telephone and Zoom.
AGM BY PHONE: Phone 02 8015 6011 Meeting ID: Password: to be provided by email in bulletin before meetion. Or you can call us for deetails.
AGM BY ZOOM: Download the free app "Zoom" to your phone, pad or computer. Click the link below or enter meeting ID and password. Click here to join meeting

Rule 64 states:
(d) At every Annual General Meeting of a Branch the order of business shall be as follows:
(i) Reading and confirmation of Minutes.
(ii) Correspondence read and dealt with.
(iii) Appointment of Returning Officer and Auditor.
(iv) Presentation of the Secretary's Annual Report.
(v) Motions of which Notice has been given.
(vi) General Business.
The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act also requires that the Annual Accounts be presented to a meeting of members and the Branch accounts for the year ending 31 March 2020 will be presented to the AGM.

The annual accounts of the Branch have now been published on our web site. The accounts will be received by the AGM on the date above. The accounts are at Branch Annual Accounts.

Telstra has provided some details of the program to address career progression. Some appears to be netter news. This is a summary:

    Background to Phase 1
  • The Field team have a process call TIDE where employees can provide feedback on issues or suggestions to improve. One of the items within the top 10 was referencing career progression, and the limited ability for Service Technicians to aspire to higher banding levels.
  • Additionally, the topic of `career progression' was raised in employee engagement (Pulse) surveys over the course of FY20 and informally with local leadership teams.
  • The Career Progression program was created in response to these needs, and gave the business the ability to recognise people who are ready to move to a higher banded role.
  • A core team was formed including representation from the Senior Leads from each field region as well as business and HR project team members.
  • For the first time in the field structure a CFW6 banded position was created, to enable a succession path for CFW4 and CFW5 banded technicians
    The process chosen to select the successful candidates was the standard process used for recruitment in Telstra. It allowed for:
  • For each candidate to have an opportunity to put their case forward for why they
  • Each candidate to have an opportunity to apply for the roles and support their application via an interview
  • Transparency over who was selected and why
  • Feedback to all candidates at each stage of the process
  • Fairness in the selection process
  • The selection process was overseen by the Senior Feld Leads in each region
    Phase 1 outcomes
  • The region interview panels interviewed 172 techs across the country, and appointed 52 people into new roles.
  • At each stage of the project the candidates were provided with constructive feedback around behaviour, leadership and skills. + This was done during shortlisting and post interview.
    Phase 2
  • Phase 2 of the Career Progression program is currently underway. As per Phase 1, the promotion process is being governed by the Senior Leads in each region.
  • The job advertisements were advertised on the Telstra Career site for one week, from 5th August.
  • At present, our local leadership teams are shortlisting candidates for interview. From here, candidates will be interviewed by regional panels and successful candidates appointed.
  • We are aiming for Phase 2 to be completed before the end of September 2020.

Optus has advised of 22 potential redundancies in Provisioning, Transport Engineering, NOC and Field Operations. Please contact us immediately should you be adversely affected by this proposal. We are meeting with Optus (by phone) on Wednesday.

The changes below are proposed by Telstra. Please contact us immediately should you be adversely affected by this proposal. WE will meet with Telstra on Tuesday (by phone).

    Telstra intends to amend the shift roster and shift length in the onshore NOC within Networks. Due to COVID19, Telstra has brought our NOC operations from Pune, India, back to Sydney. This change has resulted in an increase in managed network customers for the onshore NOC. In consideration of this, Telstra has recruited for additional roles within this team.
    However, we must also review current shift schedules to ensure that these customers have the right allocations of resources across all times. Further, the schedule must be flexible, as well as consistent and fair for all employees within the team.
    The 9 employees within this team are currently working shift rosters with shift lengths between 10 to 12 hours. Based on the above, the current roster presents the following challenges:
  • Limited flexibility in covering shifts for planned and unplanned leave.
  • Doesn't efficiently cover peak loads, or allow for more resources to be allocated.
  • Provides less opportunity to interact with L3 Assurance teams, SME's and wider teams.
    Telstra is proposing each employee in this team will move to completing a 7.21 hour shift.
    Consultation: We announced this initial decision to our employees yesterday. Telstra is committed to consulting with affected employees, and their chosen representatives, in relation to this current proposal and giving them a bona fide opportunity to influence the decision making process.

    In an extraordinary abdication of her responsibility as the Minister responsible for superannuation, Senator Jane Hume said this morning that she was "ambivalent" about whether the Morrison Government delivered an increase to the super guarantee, which has already been legislated. In the middle of the greatest recession in a century, the Minister is refusing to commit to a legislated commitment which would provide retirement security for millions of working people. The increase has already been delayed by the Abbott Government and should have come into effect in 2015. (ACTU).


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    eg payments, applications, change of details
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    CWU Telecommunications & Services Branch, Sydney City, NSW.


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