25 July 2021

This week we received the standard letter from Telstra with the usual news:

    Today we have commenced consultation on proposals for 320 net role reductions in Australia. The proposals span across all functions and are part of the T22 commitment we made to market to reduce 8,000 net roles.

Telstra is already seeking voluntary redundancies. Telstra is also changing a number of job roles creating a spill and fill situation for some. Please advise us of any concerns.

Another major concern arising from the redundancy proposal is a proposal to change shift arrangements (currently 12 hour shifts) in South East Construction. We had a hook-up with Telstra on Friday and there will be a further meeting between us and Telstra to discuss this matter separately. I have sought further documentation re the current agreement.

We saw a statement last week indicating that Telstra had decided to commence bargaining. The statement said in part:

  • we're proposing to negotiate four EAs - one each for ServeCo, InfraCo Fixed, InfraCo Towers, and another one for Retail that would cover employees working in our retail stores.
  • Next Monday (26 July), everyone covered by our current EA will get an email.
  • In the email you'll be told which of the four EAs we expect you'll be covered by based on your role type and which entity in the Telstra Group you'll work in as part of our legal restructure. You'll get more detail by early September on what this may mean for your employment contract.
  • In the email you will get a notice of employee representational rights (NERR),
  • We know how much you value our industry leading terms and conditions such as 15 days personal leave, the 36.75 hour work week, and redundancy accruals. These will be on the agenda for our first meeting.

Here are some significant points that arose in the initial meeting:

  • Telstra announced from the outset that while bargaining for a new agreement meant that all matters could be negotiated, they wanted to assure employees that the 36.75 hour week, sick leave entitlements of 15 days and the redundancy framework would be maintained as is, regardless of how negotiations unfold.
  • Telstra detailed its proposal to negotiate four different EBAs.
  • This will mean an EBA for ServeCo, InfraCo Fixed, InfraCo Towers and Retail.
  • The Union bargaining still prefers one agreement for the Telstra group workforce. The Union has asked Telstra to provide further information about the proposed scope of each agreement.
  • Telstra has proposed changes to the Agreement that would allow employees to enter into split shift arrangements, working from home where possible, and working outside the ordinary span of hours.

Industry Superannuation Funds performed very well last year, and over the past 10 years. Some results
Australian Super - Balanced 20.4% in 2021 9.7% 10 year average
Cbus Growth 19.3% in 2021 9.7% 10 year average
Care Super Balanced 17.5% in 2021 9.1% 10 year average
Telstra Super Corp Plus Balanced 19.9% in 2021 8.7% 10 year average
Source: SuperRatings, to June 30, 2021

The new overtime allocation process will commence with the next pay period - 6 August 2021. Post is preparing the initial overtime list from actual overtime worked for the past 12 weeks. If you have any problems or questions, please contact me on the number below or by email.

BAI has advised that it has paid members for certain underpayments over the past few years. The underpayments relate to technical staff covered by the union and they relate to travel allowance and on call allowance. If you have any concerns please contact me.

Post is seeking staff for SPF (Chullora) and SWLF (Strathfield). These technical jobs involve a mixture of technical, electrical and fitter tasks - so qualifications are flexible. There are also 4 jobs in Adelaide - if you are looking for a sea change! See the Seek Web page and/or contact us, and we can get you more information on the roles. Extracts from the advertisement:

    Postal Technical Officer Gr 4 - $65,904 - $81,721 - Under limited direction, assist the Team Leader to conduct the maintenance activities associated with the Parcel Processing Equipment, including prioritised response to break downs and stoppages. This also requires working closely with the Operational team). Shift Details: Rotating Shifts - morning, afternoon and night.

This week a question from a member.
Q. Would you know if ServeCo already has an EBA in place? We were told we will need to either resign (and move to ServeCo) or get redundant this October. I am now getting email that the Telstra EBA is getting renewed. Will we get a Telstra EBA or ServeCo EBA.
A. It appears to us that the legal moves are these: - The current Telstra Corp will be renamed as ServeCo. So your employer will not change - just a name change. - The current EBA will continue in ServeCo. As the current EBA expires in Oct this year, they are negotiating a replacement. - The current EBA will remain in place until a new EBA is negotiated. - There is no need to resign or leave due to redundancy. - (Some Telstra staff will move to InfraCo etc. This will be a new employer. No EBA exists for these employers. - EBAs are being negotiated for these new entities. Dan Dwyer)

ACTU congratulates the CFMEU for their win in the High Court after 6 years fighting against the Government's anti-union ABCC over industrial action taken in Brighton in 2015 in support of bathroom facilities for a woman working on site.
CFMEU members stopped work in Bay Street Brighton after the head contractor refused to provide amenities or a female toilet for the one woman working on the site. For the last 6 years the ABCC has been pursuing the CFMEU and 2 organisers, Steve Long and Gerard Benstead. In 2021 the CFMEU finally won against the ABCC after they took the case to the High Court.


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