12 September 2021


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Unbelievably, despite thousands of Australians just like you speaking up and calling for critical, positive change, the Morrison Government have let down women. Again. Scott Morrison and the whole of his Women's Cabinet just voted against putting into law all of the Respect@Work report. The Prime Minister had an opportunity to back up his talk on sexual harassment at work and violence against women. Instead, his government, with the support of One Nation, have today voted against key structural workplace changes recommended by the Respect@Work report. Voted down amendments include:

  • A positive duty on employers to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Expressly prohibited sexual harassment and introduction of a new quick and easy complaints process in the Fair Work Act.
  • Broadened powers of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner to investigate inquiries.
    This failure of the Morrison Government to address a systemic issue will have a profoundly negative effect on thousands of workers across the country.
    The outcome leaves the burden still on individual women to enter complex and lengthy complaints processes to resolve instances of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace at their own cost and risk. It also leaves workers in abusive relationships out in the cold, with the Liberal Government and One Nation opposing an amendment to include tendays paid Family and Domestic Violence leave National Employment Standards.
    This Bill was a crucial chance for Scott Morrison to prove that he's more than just lip service, and is committed to making real, legislative changes to protect women at work and at home

    Post is to trial a Smart Badge as a Covid safe measure at SPF. The watch like device warns if you are within 1.5m of another staff member wearing a Smart Badge. It will log the contact on a central computer.
    The contact is not a concern as such as many working staff will be in the vicinity of another worker - on steps, in lunch areas, loose loading etc. But if a worker tests positive, then close contacts for the previous 2 days will be available in a very short time and action can be taken. Post hope to reduce the number of staff sent home to isolation by identifying only those in close contact. They currently review CCTV. It does not use GPS and is not logging location - just near contacts. We see no privacy issues with the device. It can only log while in the workplace where special sensors will be installed.

    Essential workers are carrying us through this pandemic. Now it's time for us to step up. This week, Australian Unions launched our national ad campaign to encourage Australians to get vaccinated.
    Let's support the working people of Australia: essential workers who are exposed to the virus every day to keep the country running, hospital workers who face being overwhelmed with unvaccinated people and workers who have lost their jobs because of lockdowns.

    We await Telstra's now policy following consultation with unions.


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