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Number 16       8 May 2022


The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed workers will continue to see their wages go backwards because of Scott Morrison's inaction.
This is the result of nearly a decade of low wage growth and inaction on job security from the Morrison Government - real wage cuts that will last years and cause lasting damage to the living standards of workers.
Workers deserve a government that supports working people by supporting wage rises.
Add your name to the pledge to vote to change the Government.
There are real, concrete things that Scott Morrison could have done for the past three years, and right now.
He could be standing up for the wages of working people by supporting a pay rise for a quarter of all working people in the Annual Wage Review, or supporting the wage case being run by aged care workers.
Instead, Scott Morrison is missing. We need a government that will take responsibility and take action.
In unity Australian Unions


More than ever we need stronger unions to press for more benefits, protect benefits and above all, stop the erosion of wages. The powers of the FWC to protect the vulnerable and low paid have been steadily reduced. The National Wage case is one important power still left. It sets minimum wages. Unfortunately, many workers are paid minimum wages.
The right to strike has been severely eroded, enabling bosses to take hard lines and use legal actions to put down their own employees. Just the threat of a strike once enabled unions to have bargaining power.
Bargaining power comes from membership numbers. Have a discussion with your fellow workers about how we can use bargaining power to improve your situation.


One of the most important benefits of union membership is your right to be represented by your union. Our Branch is fortunate in having an industrial lawyer to assist you.
The representation issue often comes up in disputes. This can be on a group scale as in the Telstra SEC dispute where the matter was before the FWC in various forms for 6 days. And it can be in individual matters such as unfair dismissal, contract disputes, EBA disputes or disciplinary matters.
Your right to be represented in any matter is written into the Fair Work Act. See below. Consistent with that right are clauses in Enterprise Bargaining Agreements. See some extracts from the larger EBAs below.


480 Object of this Part
The object of this Part is to establish a framework for officials of organisations to enter premises that balances:
(a) the right of organisations to represent their members in the workplace, hold discussions with potential members and investigate suspected contraventions of:


26.2. We recognise that employees are entitled to be supported by their union, or any other representative of their choice, in relation to matters affecting their employment.
26.3. We acknowledge and respect the role played by workplace delegates accredited by The Unions covered by this Agreement in representing and supporting union members.
26.4. Workplace delegates, when acting on behalf of The Unions, have the right to be treated fairly and to perform their role as a workplace delegate without any discrimination in their employment.
26.5. We agree that workplace delegates can:
a) have access to reasonable facilities during working time, including meeting rooms, phone, email and official Company networking tools to consult with members or the union;
b) represent members at Company/union consultation meetings or at union forums. ...
26.12. We will permit access to or the erection of notice boards (including to workplace delegate managed groups on Yammer, or its replacement) to facilitate communication between employees and union representatives.


44 Role of union delegates
Australia Post recognises the role unions play in the workplace and the right of union delegates to represent union members in the workplace.
42 Dispute resolution
42.1.3(d) The Parties also acknowledge that the Union have an obligation to their members to:
(i) represent their interests; ...
42.1.4 An employee who is a party to the dispute may appoint a representative of their choice, including a union representative, for the purposes of the procedures in this clause.


Employees may also seek assistance from a representative at any of the stages below.
Optus acknowledges the employee's right to seek assistance from a representative to represent their interests who will then, in the first instance seek discussions through direct consultation with Optus Human Resource management.

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