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Section 1: About this Agreement
      1. 	Title
      2. 	How this Agreement is organised
      3. 	How certain words/phrases are defined
      4. 	Who this Agreement covers
      5. 	Some important rules about how the Agreement operates
      6. 	Work model arrangements

Section 2: Pay and benefits
      7. 	Annual pay increases
      8. 	Pay rates for new employees & employees who move job
      9. 	Superannuation
      10. 	Salary packaging

Section 3: Working arrangements
      11. 	Types of working arrangements
      12. 	Moving between jobs
      13. 	Casual work arrangements

Section 4: Hours of Work and Scheduling
      14. 	Ordinary hours of work
      15. 	Scheduled work and shiftwork
      16. 	Breaks
      17. 	Preferred hours arrangements
      18. 	Split Shifts
      19. 	Additional hours
      20. 	Work on a public holiday

Section 5: Flexible work
      21. 	Working flexibly
      22. 	NES flexibility arrangements
      23. 	Individual flexibility agreements
      24. 	Group flexibility agreements

Section 6: Consultation, dispute resolution and union matters
      25 	Consultation
      26. 	Employee support, workplace delegates and union training
      27. 	How disputes are resolved

Section 7: Leave and public holiday entitlements
      28. 	How Telstra calculates leave entitlements
      29. 	Annual leave
      30. 	Buying extra leave
      31. 	Personal leave
      32. 	Family and Domestic Violence Leave
      33. 	Gender Affirmation leave
      34. 	Bereavement/compassionate leave
      35. 	Parental leave
      36. 	Long service leave
      37. 	Community Service leave
      38. 	Public holidays
      39. 	Telstra Additional Day

Section 8: Redundancy
      40. 	Some overarching principles
      41. 	Voluntary redundancies
      42. 	Individual redundancy
      43. 	Group redundancy
      44. 	Site function closure
      45. 	What happens if Telstra decides your role is redundant?
      46. 	Appeals
      47. 	Transitional arrangements

Section 9: Placement Period
      48. 	Employment Security
      49. 	Placement Period
      50. 	Moving within the Telstra Group
      51. 	Review Period

Section 10: Retrenchment
      52. 	Retrenchment

Section 11: Log on arrangements
      53. 	Field-based employees- travel to worksites
      54. 	Start of day procedures- first job received on the day
      55. 	Start of day procedures- f irst job received the night before
      56. 	Where an employee lives outside their work area
      57. 	Where an employee is required to travel to another work area
      58. 	End of day procedures
      59. 	Transfer to another work area
      60. 	Return of motor vehicles

Section 13: Allowances
      61	All employees
      62	Higher Duties Allowance
      63	Workstream Employees Only

Section 14: Miscellaneous provisions
      64	Calculation of benefits under this Agreement
      65	Exempt Employees
      66	Telstra policies
      67	Essential customer servicing
      68	Excess Travel Time
      69	Emergency work
      70	Working in remote localities
      71	Working at Sea
      72	Recognition of prior learning

Section 15: Dictionary
      73	Dictionary

      Appendix A: 	Pay for Job Family Employees
      Appendix 8: 	Pay for Workstream Employees
      Appendix C: 	Workstream arrangements
      Appendix D: 	Extended Shift Arrangement Guidelines
      Appendix E: 	Guarantee of employee entitlements where the subsidiary is insolvent
      Appendix F: 	Fone Zone Transitional Arrangements


BALLOT VERSION as at 13 April 2022

[2022] FWCA 1724 DECISION
Fair Work Act 2009
s.185-Enterprise agreement

Telstra Corporation Limited



Telecommunications services


Application for approval of the Telstra Limited Enterprise Agreement 2022-2024.

[1] Telstra Corporation Limited has applied for approval of a single enterprise agreement known as the Telstra Limited Enterprise Agreement 2022-2024 (the Agreement).

[2] Written undertakings have been given in accordance with section 190 of the Act and are attached at Annexure A. I am satisfied that the undertakings are not likely to cause financial detriment to any employee covered by the Agreement and do not result in substantial changes to the Agreement. The undertakings are taken to be terms of the Agreement.

[3] With the undertakings now given, I am satisfied that each of the requirements of sections 186, 187, 188 and 190 of the Act, as are relevant to this application for approval, have been met.

[4] The Agreement is approved and will operate from 13 July 2022. The nominal expiry date of the Agreement is 30 September 2024.

[5] The Agreement covers the Communications, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Information, Postal, Plumbing and Allied Services Union of Australia (CEPU), the CPSU, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA).

COMMISSIONER Printed by authority of the Commonwealth Government Printer

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