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8 July 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/24
Telstra Clause 45 rises from the ashes. CFW6 may be used to downgrade. Uniforms must be provided by Telstra. An OHS survey for you.
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8 July 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/24
Telstra EBA report and hookup. Optus eventually meet with us - after a threat!
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4 July 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/23
Telstra EBA hookup. Visionstream redundancy process.
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23 June 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/22
No Telstra EBA progress - again. Aus Post alleged to have breached EBA - again. Telstra dispute over employment after retrenchment. Dont buy your Telstra Uniform.
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14 June 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/21
No Telstra EBA progress - again. ISGM report. Dont buy your Telstra Uniform.
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05 June 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/20
Optus and Telstra Redundancies - problem with jobs in industry following retrenchment.
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27 May 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/19
Optus EBA certified. Telstra EBA negotiations still stalled, Telstra phone surveillance extended but you can refuse.
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20 May 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/18
It is with immense sorrow and gratitude that the Australian union movement acknowledges the passing of Bob Hawke. More on the Telstra EBA negotiations, Silcar job cuts, Post SPF issues
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12 May 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/17
EBA talks have not gone well with our lead negotiator telling Telstra to consider a poor 2.5% pay rise. Telstra has gone away to consider a response. More on the EBA, Union elections and Post.
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05 May 2019 - MAY DAY RALLY

02 May 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/16
All Bans have now ceased and EBA talks will resume next week. Phone tracking concerns are discussed. Optus and SPF meetings sought. Telstra redundancy talks a sham.
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24 Apr 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/15
Some Bans have been suspended from Anzac Day as EBA talks with Telstra expected to resume.
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15 Apr 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/13
Telstra hook-up, Telstra Log in stoppages again, Optus baulks at meeting, We reject amalgamation with postal branch (Parramatta)
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09 Apr 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/12
Telstra hook-up, Telstra Log in stoppages again, Rallies in NSW. Optus baulks at meeting
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07 Apr 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/11
Bans are working - Here is proof. Aus Post deliberately delaying Compo claims and sanctioned. Post also fined for breaching EBA.
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Australia has a crisis of insecure work, low wages and an unfair bargaining system and Scott Morrison's Liberals are to blame. That's why working people are taking action with political protests for wage rises and better job security. Protests are taking place in cities and regions across the country on Wednesday 10 April to stand up for the fair go. Members who are not on duty are encouraged to attend the rally. In NSW:

 10:30AM Adcock Park, West Gosford
 11:00AM David Coleman's Office Revesby
 12:00PM Garema Place, Canberra 
  1:00PM Burwood Park, Burwood

The Australian Electoral Commission advises of the opening of nominations for the union elections this year. Elections are held every 4 years and all CEPU/CWU Divisional Office and Branch Office positions are subject to an election. The Union has no role in the running of the election and union resources cannot be used by candidates. See:
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29 Mar 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/09
Join our hook-up to discuss the EBA campaign, Telstra Protected Industrial Action extended, Journey Cover not worth it, Telstra payroll cut by 10% of salary, BAI redundancies, Opus shifts, and a big win at Chemist Warehouse.
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19 Mar 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/08
Telstra Protected Industrial Action extended, BAI Redundancies, Optus Satellite classifications questioned, and a class action against BSA being considered.
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25 Feb 2019
Members approve industrial action by a large majority. Industrial action to begin shortly.

20 Feb 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/07
Redundancy for contractors, Optus Satellite classifications questioned, Post shift swap again, Telstra exchanges and Katter attacks Telstra.
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17 Feb 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/06
BAI restructure news, the redundancy rumours in Telstra clarified, Post shift swap problems, and Telstra annual leave issues.
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18 Jan 2019 - BULLETIN 2019/02
Telstra industrial action ballot opens. Post SPF dispute escalates. Dirty exchanges again, Telstra agrees to clean up.
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21 Dec 2018 - BULLETIN 135
Telstra LSL issues temporarily resolved (hopefully). Post practices at SWLF criticised.
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THE FINAL WORD FOR 2018 Our Branch has changed. We trust you enjoy the Bulletins. We have a Telstra EBA fight next year. We look forward to an active 2019. We also need your continued support and an influx of new members to improve your bargaining power. Merry Xmas and all the best in 2019.

by David Marin-Guzman. A Telstra and Foxtel contractor ... is facing a $400 million class action for allegedly underpaying thousands of technicians through sham contracts.
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See ... More at ABC News
See ... Watch video ABC 7.30 Report ...

Wed 15 Aug 2018 - BULLETIN 124
Nobody would have missed the news that the NO vote exceeded 81%. It demonstrates once again that collective action can improve matters. The Unions will now recommence negotiations with Telstra seeking a larger pay rise, deletion of the clauses that threaten Redundancy benefits, more "policy" (not rights) for Job Family members and improvements as set out in our log of claims. Negotiations will recommence on Thursday, 16 August. See also Telstra LSL and ARL item More...
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