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26 Mar 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/10
Notice - Former NSW T&S Branch Accounts
Also in this bulletin - a welcome to Vic members, optical fibre classifications and nbn job cuts update. Click here for the full Bulletin.

19 Mar 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/09
This week news about redundancies in NBN and maybe Telstra. Optus staff should be paid for shift handover. And new penalties proposed for breaching OHS laws..
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12 Mar 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/08
News this week of a payroll change in Post, and a top level restructure. This is also our union election year. And Telstra is changing hours at Faults call centres.
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4 Mar 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/07
This week we report on a number of Postal issues, CPI and Wages in TPG and Optus, Profits and Wages, Superannuation changes and the TPG EBA undertakings.
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26 Feb 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/06
Family and Domestic Violence Leave now an entitlement. Items on Telstra forced leave and silica dust.
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19 Feb 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/05
This week we have items on the Postal restructure and Kemps Creek temperature, Optical Fibre/Broadband classifications and we revisit end of day procedures.
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12 Feb 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/04
This week we deal with end of day procedures. We also report on Post profits and Telstra redundancies.
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5 Feb 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/03
Items on membership fee deduction dates, Telstra GAT, Post restructure, Post air conditioning, Post performance and new delivery modes.
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29 Jan 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/02
Items this week on how unions won Medicare, CPI increases and the GAT dispute.
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22 Jan 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/01
Dear Member
Welcome to 2023 and our weekly bulletin. Our amalgamation with Vic T&S is being transitioned as we create one membership database.
With a new Labor Government and new IR legislation, things will move at a pace this year.
Most members are locked into EBAs and until they expire, we cannot do much to change pay increases, except by pressuring the bosses to compensate for the large cost of living increases.
We do wish to campaign to end the unfair job family conditions. The reviews and pay rises are not transparent. A poor rating in one year seems to affect you forever - most unfair. So we are looking for members on job family to share their experiences to build a case to improve your conditions.
We look forward to your continued contributions. In this Bulletin items on Australia Day, GAT, Post Air Conditioning and Kemps Creek
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22 Dec 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/43
Dear Member,
Thank you for your support and involvement over the past year. It was busy and eventful. Next year we have a different industrial relations environment. We have several disputes to escalate. And we have inflation and poor EBAs in Telstra and Post. It will be an interesting year.
May I wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year. See you next year! Items this week: Telstra Super corrections, SPF Trainees.
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11 Dec 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/42
Post air conditioning dispute at parcels. New Kemps Creek facility. Post restructure dispute. Optus retail members force Optus to negotiate. E000 resume RAT.
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4 Dec 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/41
BSA class action settled for $20 million. Several items on the new Secure Jobs, Better Pay legislation. Respect@work laws passed.
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20 Nov 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/40
Identity theft is real, read our caution. Qantas appeals landmark decision in High Court. Post ends Covid policy. More on amalgamation.
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15 Nov 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/39
This week we advise that the NSW and Vic T&S Branches have amalgamated and are now known as the T&S Branch. Also, TPG EBA voted up, NBN improve pay increases, NBN Jobs, Labor Government Legislation and Ventia redundancies.
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6 Nov 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/38
This week Telstra new contracts and TPG EBA summary.
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23 Oct 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/37
Telstra break-up developments, TPG EBA going to vote, Union EBAs better than non-union and a look at the union win of the 40 hour week in 1947
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16 Oct 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/36
Branch Annual Accounts updated
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9 Oct 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/35
Stories this week on the following: TPG EBA, Telstra $1000 bonus, Telstra Break-up, Telstra Retail, Telstra Privacy Breach.
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10 Sept 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/34
No bulletin for next 2 weeks. Reports on Post Newcastle dispute, Telstra GAT dispute, SPF, SEC Decision and the Telstra break-up.
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4 Sept 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/33
What are real wages? TPG pay cut proposed. CWU UK members to strike. Also Post Newcastle, Telstra GAT, SPF TCM., SWLF TCM.
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28 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/32
This week items on Aus Post Newcastle, TPG EBA, Telstra break-up and "HR is not your friend"
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21 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/31
This week items on Telstra E000 Covid laws, Post Allowances, Hurt Survey, Wages fall and OHS working alone
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14 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/30
This week, the postal restructure progress and short reports on the Post Newcastle dispute and Telstra GAT dispute. BAI report underpayments. And items on the termination of EBAs.
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7 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/29
See a message from our President, and items on fee increases, and TPG EBA. We have disputes in Telstra GAT and Post Newcastle
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1 August 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/28
The Branch Committee of Management has determined that the Annual General Meeting be held on Wednesday 24 August 2022 at 6.00pm Given the Covid situation, the BCOM advises that the meeting be open to members via telephone and Zoom. The annual accounts and audit report of the Branch have now been published at
Annual Accounts The Officer and Related Party Disclosure Statement is at ORPD. Click here for the full Bulletin.

31 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/27
Post CPI pay rise, redundancy swaps, corporate profits.
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24 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/26
This week: Membership Fees for tax, Postal Tech upgrades, Telstra GAT dispute, More Telstra Redundancies, TPG EBA issues, CWU (UK) to strike.
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17 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/25
No Telstra SEC decision yet. Telstra acquires Digical at a discount.
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10 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/24
This week: Telstra EBA approved by FWC. SEC dispute decision this week. SPF Overtime issue. Royal Mail issues new stamp.
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3 July 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/23
This week: Telstra ARL process flawed. The long fight for Superannuation. TPG EBA. Telstra T25 under way.
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26 June 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/22
Items this week: BAI win CPI+1% increase. Telstra GAT roster changes disputed. TPG new EBA draft soon. Bathurst exchange has no water.
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19 June 2022 - BULLETIN 2022/21
Items this week: The National Wage Case increases and your pay. Roster changes in Telstra N&IT. Kordia and Visionstream changes. Retail self cleaning.
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