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26 November 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/40
Big news this week with Telstra wanting a review of CFW roles. Several items deal with this. And we are having a NSW Postal JCC with a long agenda of complaints. See details in the Bulletin. We also have items on asbestos and the "Closing Loopholes Bill". Click for the full Bulletin.

19 November 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/39
This week stories on Post restructures in Melb and Syd. More on ESTA Mentoring Allowance appeal. More on Optus LSL reparations, and Telstra IMO redundancies. Click for the full Bulletin.

12 November 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/38
See our reports on Telstra Optical Fibre classifications and Ventia EBA offer.. Optus outage - what a circus and Optus LSL troubles. See also our tribute to Life Members. Click for the full Bulletin.

On 4th November 2023, we held an informal function to present Life Member Certificates to 5 members and officials. This is in recognition to their long and valuable service to the CWU and ATEA/ATPOA. These officials were part on the history of industrial relations. In their time the ATEA/ATPOA led a number of fights for changes to our working conditions. Click for the full story.

5 November 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/37
This week: Telstra forced annual leave again, Union busting, Telstra contact centre changes, USA UAW Strike success and Optus redundancies. Click for the full Bulletin.

30 October 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/36
Our Melbourne office will be closed next Monday and Tuesday due to the Melbourne Cup. This week we discuss CPI increases, the new Apple EBA and why unions are good for America. Click for the full Bulletin.

23 October 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/35
This week a report on the ESTA EBA progress, and a timely item on the difficulties of strike action.. We also advise of administrative matters. Click for the full Bulletin.

16 October 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/34
After a pause, we resume our weekly Bulletins. This week catch up stories; Telstra EBA issues, InfraCo changes, Qantas workers massive win, Telstra Tech Allowance, Optus redundancies and the USA Writers win. Click for the full Bulletin.

8 September 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/33
This week we discuss leave arrangements at CWU, and the next Telstra EBA. We have 2 interesting items, one from Sally McManus (ACTU) on the new legislation and the second from Harvard University on the state of the unions in USA. Click for the full Bulletin.

3 September 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/32
This week we have reports on Pay Rises at Post, at APS and to Politicians, CWU leave arrangements, Joining CWU - a discussion, New submarine cable, NBN Jobs, ESTA Review and Post losses. Click for the full Bulletin.

27 August 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/31
Articles on Optical Fibre, ESTA, Optus, Joining CWU and vale John Baron Click for the full Bulletin.

20 August 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/30
See items on ESTA Appeal, First Nations Survey, Personal leave, Optus Salaries, Elections Click for the full Bulletin.

13 August 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/29
This week: ESTA Mentor, Postal reform, Post PTO7, PTO6 and NSW issues, Amazon Study Click for the full Bulletin.

6 August 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/28
This week we deal with APS Pay, Optus Shift payments, Telstra TA Rates, Joining a Union and an ACTU Workplace change.survey. Click for the full Bulletin.

27 July 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/27
The Branch Committee of Management has determined that the Annual General Meeting be held on
Tuesday 29 August 2022 at 7.00pm
The BCOM advises that the meeting be open to members via telephone and Zoom
Click for the full Bulletin.

23 July 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/26
This week we have items on a Telstra end of day survey and redundancies. Also on Super Fund results and union fees tax deductions. Click for the full Bulletin.

16 July 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/25
This week we report on the Telstra Starlink initiative and Telstra monitoring their drivers. Telstra remote localities have been reviewed and District Allowance adjusted. At Post SPF, the PTO7 jobs are to be re-advertised. And our Court claim for reclassification of Optical Fibre roles moves forward. Click for the full Bulletin.

9 July 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/24
A short bulletin this week - SPF Lunch Room, SPF PTO7 jobs, Retired members Assn. Click for the full Bulletin.

2 July 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/23
July 1 benefit increases. Recall Survey. Telstra Issues. Telstra Remote Localities Policy, Optus Redundancies. Click for the full Bulletin.

25 June 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/22
This week items on Post Authorised Day, Mirait Pay, Pay Secrecy and Respiratory Diseases Registrar. Click for the full Bulletin.

18 June 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/21
See - You are never alone when you are a union member. Reports on Optus shift handover and Profits causing inflation, not wages. Click for the full Bulletin.

11 June 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/20
This week items on Optus Shift handover, Post SPF concerns and Qantas contractors Click for the full Bulletin.

4 June 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/19
We have had a big win in a case involving underpayment of an allowance in ESTA. See the Court Decision and items on Mentoring Allowance, Wage Case, Labour Hire and Contractors. Click for the full Bulletin.

28 May 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/18
We have items on Telstra Fibre grades, Post Tech vehicle travel, Optus face penalties, SPF issues, Casuals earn less, Optus redundancies again Click for the full Bulletin.

21 May 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/17
Implementation NSW Postal restructure begins. ESTA underpayment case completed and awaiting a decision. Super to increase. More Optus redundancies. History of the 8 hour day. Click for the full Bulletin.

7 May 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/16
This week we again report on the Postal restructure in NSW and inflation. There is also news of SMAX in nbn. Click for the full Bulletin.

30 Apr 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/15
This week we report on the Postal restructure and inflation. We also report on pay secrecy and asbestos. Click for the full Bulletin.

24 Apr 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/14
Articles on Optus shift handover and overtime, TPG standby allowance and Overtime, Aus Post technical restructure, Staff cuts in Aus Post and new Discrimination laws. Click for the full Bulletin.

19 Apr 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/13
TPG Overtime and Standby Allowance. Your rights on a Public Holiday, SPF overtime and Post Technical Restructure. Click here for the full Bulletin.

10 Apr 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/12
Union elections, ESTA Mentoring Allowance, Optus Retail EBA - vote NO, National Wage Case begins and More work for less. Click here for the full Bulletin.

Please be advised the Communication Division and our T&S Branch elections are being held this year.
The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will conduct the ballot which opens 1st June 2023. As per AEC instructions the election notice and nomination form are
here - 2023 Elections

2 Apr 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/11
This week we see more redundancies in Optus and NBN - but we save some jobs in NBN. We also look at Chat GPT
Click here for the full Bulletin.

26 Mar 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/10
Notice - Former NSW T&S Branch Accounts
Also in this bulletin - a welcome to Vic members, optical fibre classifications and nbn job cuts update. Click here for the full Bulletin.

19 Mar 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/09
This week news about redundancies in NBN and maybe Telstra. Optus staff should be paid for shift handover. And new penalties proposed for breaching OHS laws..
Click here for the full Bulletin.

12 Mar 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/08
News this week of a payroll change in Post, and a top level restructure. This is also our union election year. And Telstra is changing hours at Faults call centres.
Click here for the full Bulletin.

22 Jan 2023 - BULLETIN 2023/01
Dear Member
Welcome to 2023 and our weekly bulletin. Our amalgamation with Vic T&S is being transitioned as we create one membership database.
With a new Labor Government and new IR legislation, things will move at a pace this year.
Most members are locked into EBAs and until they expire, we cannot do much to change pay increases, except by pressuring the bosses to compensate for the large cost of living increases.
We do wish to campaign to end the unfair job family conditions. The reviews and pay rises are not transparent. A poor rating in one year seems to affect you forever - most unfair. So we are looking for members on job family to share their experiences to build a case to improve your conditions.
We look forward to your continued contributions. In this Bulletin items on Australia Day, GAT, Post Air Conditioning and Kemps Creek
Click here for the full Bulletin.

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Welcome to our T&S Branch

The Communication Workers Union CWU is a division of the Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union CEPU. The CWU T&S Branch represents all workers in Telstra, Optus, Private Telecoms and Aus Post (Technical).

Our database site provides extensive details about your industry and your conditions.We are working to cover every employer.We welcome feedback, stories and photos.

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