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Broadcast Technicians Enterprise Agreement 2017

Overview of the Proposed Agreement

The following is a summary of the key changes in the proposed BAI Communications - Broadcast Technicians Enterprise Agreement 2017 (Agreement).

This overview is provided for indicative purposes only to assist with your understanding of the proposed Agreement, however, you are encouraged to read the Agreement in its entirety which is attached for your reference.


The Agreement will cover Broadcast Technicians BAI Communications Pty Ltd (Broadcast Australia). The Agreement covers employees who are engaged as a Broadcast Technician in field service operations within the classifications contained within the Agreement.

Wage Increases

Apprenticeship Scheme

BAI Communications SALARY BAND/Rate of pay effective from

				1 July 2017	1 July 2018	1 July 2019
BTA1				$45,287.78	CPI +0.5%	CPI +0.5%
BTA2				$56,286.22	CPI +0.5%	CPI +0.5%
BTA3				$67,931.66	CPI +0.5%	CPI +0.5%
BTA4/BT1			$72,862.44	CPI +0.5%	CPI +0.5%

Broadcast Technician Scheme

BAI Communications SALARY BAND Rate of pay effective

				1 July 2017	1 July 2018	1 July 2019
BT1	Entry 
	Technician		$72,862.43	CPI + 0.5%	CPI + 0.5%
BT2 	Broadcast 
	Technician		$87,581.89	CPI + 0.5%	CPI + 0.5%
BT3 	Senior 
	Broadcast Technician	$96,601.77	CPI + 0.5%	CPI + 0.5%
BT4	Technical
	Leader			$105,878.86	CPI + 0.5%	CPI + 0.5%

1. A salary increase of 2.5% shall apply upon the commencement of this Agreement and back dated to 1 July 2017;

2. Future salary increases, calculated upon the basis of CPI plus 0.5%, will apply with effect from 1 July 2018 and 1 July 2019;

3. CPI means the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index for all groups as published by the Reserve Bank of Australia for the 12 months ending 31 March of that year.

Other Matters

Clause/Brief explanation

2 - Parties bound and period of operation

The name of the company is updated to BAI Communications Pty Ltd.

The proposed Agreement will operate from 7 days after approval by the Fair Work Commission and will operate for a 3 year period. years

3 -Policies and Procedures

No substantive change

4 - Agreement to be displayed

No substantive change

5 - Definitions

Changes made to definitions for Agreement dates and BA Technician classifications.

Addition of definitions for "Day" and "Inclement Weather"

6 - Recruitment

No substantive change

7 - Contract of employment

No substantive change

8 - Probation

No substantive change

9 - Skills Development and Career Progression

The proposed Agreement has a clause that covers development of skills and learning pathways. There are no major changes within this clause except for the simplification of the name of a BT4 to that of "Technical Leader" (formerly Team Leader and Technical Specialist).

There are no changes to the actual roles and there still remains two avenues of entry: a selection process where a role becomes vacant which is part of the team supervisory structure (formerly Team Leader) and the skills assessment process open to all BT3's (formerly Tech Specialist). This change more closely aligns the BT4 Classification with the actual duties performed and provides technicians at this level the opportunity to develop their managerial skills should they wish to do so. This does not imply that substantially higher volumes of duties will need to be performed.

10 - Training

No substantive change

11 - Consultation about major workplace change

No substantive change

12 - Flexibility Term

No substantive change

13 - Classification structure

Minor change for BT4 Classification now referred to as BT4 Technical Leader.

14 - Competency descriptors

No substantive change

15 - Salary Structure and Rates of Pay

No substantive change

16 - Method of salary payment

Minor change to calculation example - made the hourly rate of pay clearer by / 45.

Otherwise clause remains unchanged.

17- Salary for part-time Employees

No substantive change

18 - Apprentices

No substantive change

19 - Superannuation

We have changed the name of the Superannuation Incentive Scheme (also known historically as the 'Millennium Scheme') to remove the reference to AXA. It is now to be called simply the "Company Superannuation Incentive Scheme". This was at your request to formalise the flexibility if the Super provider changes. The details of the scheme remain as before.

20. Travel allowance and expenses

Away from home allowance now from night 2 instead of 3, and rate increased to $20, then indexed for subsequent years.

Added in inclement weather allowance - $80 per night

21- Work-related expenses

No substantive change

22 - Northern Territory remote locality allowance

No substantive change

23 - Wellbeing allowance

The wording has been broadened to encompass any gym/fitness related/registered sporting activity and the allowance amount has increased from $300 to $350 per calendar year

24 - Climbing allowance

No substantive change

25 - Meal breaks

No substantive change

26 - Essential Customer Servicing

No substantive change

27 - Weekly and Monthly Hours

No substantive change

28 - Daily Commencement and Completion Times

No substantive change

29 - Call Outs

Significant increases to allowance, as follows: -

  • Monday - Friday: $82.65 - a 30% increase to the current rate;
  • Saturday - Sunday: $92.30 - a 30% increase to the current rate;
  • Public holidays: $135 - a 17% increase to the current rate.
    Note: where a technician is off duty and not on-call but is requested to provide support, if they elect to do so (they are not obliged) they are also eligible for the On-Call Allowance.

    30 - Time off in Lieu (TOIL)

    No substantive change

    31 - Scheduled Maintenance/ Planned Outage

    Minor change under Rest Breaks at 31.5 by including the words 'or continue'

    Part F - Leave Clause 32,33,34,35,36 and 37

    No substantive change

    38 - Flexible Working Arrangements

    No substantive change

    39 - Transition to Retirement

    New clause and guidelines added

    40 - Defence service leave

    No substantive change

    41 - Emergency Services Leave

    No substantive change

    42 - Jury Service

    No substantive change

    43 - Part-time Employees

    No substantive change

    44 - Counselling services

    No substantive change

    45 - Termination of employment

    No substantive change

    46 - Redundancy entitlements

    No substantive change

    47 - Dispute Resolution Procedure

    No substantive change

    48 - Declaration

    No substantive change

    Schedule A - Work-band descriptors

    This Schedule outlines the skills and experience levels for each band of technician.

    Minor change to the BT Technical Leader descriptor

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