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Number 08       3 March 2024


Several members have questioned why we are not reporting weekly on progress of the negotiations. The answer is that we have agreed to act in solidarity with the other unions and therefore we are only producing joint bulletins. This of course could change but a unified approach is the best way to go.
Further, the concept of bargaining, is that most of the time the documents we exchange are "in confidence" and marked "not for distribution". We are still waiting to hear from TZV about the MOU penalties. Bargaining is still occurring and the parties are meeting twice a week.


The usual approach is that nothing has been agreed until everything is agreed. It is technically incorrect to suggest that the parties are negotiating an agreement. Legally, there is no agreement until all staff members vote and a majority support the proposal. If the proposals are put to staff by the employer for a vote, we will be offering a detailed analysis of the offers and a recommendation.


"On call" will take an interesting path in the future as the new laws about the right to disconnect takes effect later this year (26 August 2024). The right to disconnect will prevent employees being punished for refusing to take unreasonable work calls or answer emails in their unpaid personal time. The Fair Work Commission will be able to resolve disputes.


Bargaining commenced this week for new Enterprise Agreements across the Telstra group. The discussions were limited mostly to establishing protocols and a framework for negotiations for the multiple Agreements which will now cover the Telstra Group of companies, including Telstra Purple.
In addition however, Telstra did table some key principles which it intends to guide their approach to negotiations. Those being:
Maintaining industry leading terms and conditions: including 15 days' personal leave, the 36.75 hour work week, and redundancy accruals. Telstra has committed to not seeking to reduce these industry leading terms and conditions and have given assurances about this.


Including Telstra Purple Pty Ltd (TPPL) employees in bargaining. Telstra intends for the new Telstra Limited EA to also apply to TPPL employees currently covered by the TPPL EA as well. Telstra advised that, as a principle, it will seek to harmonise terms and conditions so that EA benefits are consistent across Telstra and TPPL teams who work alongside each other. We will advise


Optus has advised further redundancies at Enterprise and Business (107) and Customer Solutions, Customer Success and Business Risk Management (87). If any member needs assistance, please contact us by return email.


Safe Work Australia has just released it Psychological health and safety in the workplace report, which outlines some startling statistics.The report reveals that:

  • Hi Work-related mental health issues continue to rise, with a 36.9% increase since 201 57.8% of all mental health conditions were reported by women.
  • The median time lost and compensation paid for mental health conditions were more than 4 times greater than that of all injuries and illnesses.
  • Workers with claims for mental health conditions reported poorer return to work outcomes and were more likely to report stigma from colleagues and their employers.
    The report also suggests that the higher number of mental health conditions that are reported by women can in part be attributed to the industries that have a higher percentage of women workers, namely health care and social assistance and public administration and safety. These professions sit at the top the list as the sectors exhibiting the highest cases of serious mental stress, workplace bullying, work pressures and exposure to workplace or occupational violence.
    A copy of the report can be found HERE


    Telstra has made an initial decision to introduce changes to the First aid allowance criteria for existing and future recipients. Due to the nature of first aid, it is proposed that first aiders be required to spend generally a minimum of 60% of their workweek at their usual Telstra site, to ensure the required first aid treatment can be administered immediately.
    There are currently 63 employees receiving this allowance across Telstra. Under the proposal, if they don't generally work a minimum of 60% onsite each week, they will need to discuss their work arrangements with their 1-up leader to assess their eligibility status. Telstra proposes a 3-month transition period after implementation of this criteria to assist recipients to alter their work schedules.
    We seek any comments from members affected.

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