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Number 42       10 December 2023


This week we lodged a bullying claim in the Fair Work Commission alleging that the KPIs and targets are unnecessarily too high, and oppressive. Given that they are enforced with threats of disciplinary action, we say that this amounts to bullying. We have cited the requirement to answer 99.5% of calls within 3 seconds, and the Call Connection Accuracy KPI. Other examples have been cited in Sydney and Melbourne.
These have been set out in detail in the FWC application. Telstra is required to respond this week and the matter is likely to its first hearing next week. We will report more detail next week.


I am planning to visit both the Sydney and Melbourne E000 centres before Xmas. Please watch for a notice if you wish to hear more of the bullying claim. I will visit around shift changeover times. Please contact me if you wish early details.


We met this week to discuss a long agenda. So far there has been no announcement re the new NSW Technical Manager. If an external appointment is made, we can expect delays as the appointee learns the specialities of the job. Post have finally announced the successful applicants for several positions, including SPF team leaders.
Some of the matters on the agenda cannot wait. Some matters were referred to the National JCC Meeting.


Here is a brief summary of the issues

  • Teams allowance - refer to National JCC
  • PTO4 step 7 to PTO4 Step 8 Post support move and do not see the 2 year issue as a problem to recognition of prior learning - Post will identify any tech who has not been promoted to L8.
  • Apprentices RDO - no apprentices as they have resigned.
  • Apprentices not PTO1- need to gain Electrician's licence - need national policy - refer to National JCC
  • Sunday Overtime SPF - agreed roster - but veto - Normy to investigate
  • Overtime - several issues re allocation - covered above
  • Filling shifts - SPF agreed to minimum shifts - not filled - Post to provide list of all staff and minimum numbers
  • Directions to work at other sites - start time, extra travel, no ETT - Normy to investigate
  • Use of contractors - Need list of visits by contractors
  • SPF Tech Lunch Room - want to go back to lunch room - not allowed to use room - Normy to investigate.
  • OHS - recent serious incidents - SPF electric shock and overnight in hospital - SPF operation of scissors lift alone and incident when nearly tipped over - Melb tech on belt when belt started, significant injury
  • OHS - need tech DWG at SPF and SWLF and an operating Committee - Post to investigate
  • OHS Teams without staff with Electrical Licences refer to proposed OHS Committee
  • OHS Committee - Working alone issues incl electrical issues - OHS Committee
  • OHS clear Connect/disconnect guidelines - OHS Committee
  • Structure - refer to National JCC - issues include higher duties, backpay, positions SME, Planners, 2IC
  • Structure - NSW to fill 2IC positions at SPF now, on HDA


We met this week after the NSW JCC. The matters above were on the agenda but the time for the meeting ran out. None were reached for action although we did raise a number of the issues.
Post presented a picture that technical staff were an integral part and respected part of production. We have not seen this in practice.
Techs complain that production (obviously unqualified to make any judgement) decide when overtime is needed for maintenance and to fill short shifts. The real problem is that tech maintenance affects the production KPIs and their bonuses. So no production TL wants shut down for maintenance, reducing parcel thru-put, etc. Better to take the risk and move it to someone else. Further it puts techs under unnecessary pressure to take short cuts and risk OHS.
We have sought that the National Committee reconvene asap.


No developments or meetings this week.


The ACTU welcomes the passing of significant parts of the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill 2023
Key parts of the Bill that passed were: -- Closing the labour hire loophole, which will mean better pay for labour hire workers who are brought in by companies like BHP and Qantas to drive down wages in their industries. -- Criminalising wage theft- for too long workers have had wages stolen from them with little recourse. This Bill will increase the civil penalties for wage theft and criminalise intentional wage theft. Superannuation theft will also be included in this legislation. -- Stronger rights for workplace delegates. -- Introduce better support for first responders diagnosed with PTSD. -- Strengthen protections against discrimination for employees subjected to family and domestic violence. -- Include silica-related diseases and safety within the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency -- Criminalise industrial manslaughter.
ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:
"The companies that will be crying loudest about these changes are some of Australia's biggest and most profitable. Mining companies such as Gina Rinehart's or Qantas, who's CEOs are receiving huge bonuses, they don't feel the hardships many Australians are feeling right now. They can well afford these changes, but they fought against them as they don't want to see their mega profits take the smallest of hits. A small hit for them, a massive difference for working Australians.

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