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Number 01       22 January 2023

Dear Member
Welcome to 2023 and our weekly bulletin. Our amalgamation with Vic T&S is being transitioned as we create one membership database.
With a new Labor Government and new IR legislation, things will move at a pace this year.
Most members are locked into EBAs and until they expire, we cannot do much to change pay increases, except by pressuring the bosses to compensate for the large cost of living increases.
We do wish to campaign to end the unfair job family conditions. The reviews and pay rises are not transparent. A poor rating in one year seems to affect you forever - most unfair. So we are looking for members on job family to share their experiences to build a case to improve your conditions.
We look forward to your continued contributions.


This ongoing dispute with the Government Assurance Team (GAT) has now been referred to the Fair Work Commission for conciliation. The main issue is a punishing roster and associated conditions.


The new EBA provides that you may work on 26 January and substitute another day. You will not get any extra pay if you do substitute and work on what would otherwise be Australia Day. The EBA states:
38.6. 26 January Public Holiday a) . you and the Company may agree to substitute another day for a day that would otherwise be the Australia Day ("26 January") public holiday . b) Time worked on the 26 January public holiday and time taken off on the elected substitute day will be paid based on Fixed Remuneration plus any grandfathered and/or higher duties allowance (if applicable).


Late last year we shared the good news that Optus had agreed to sit down with your Union and negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement for Optus Retail employees - your opportunity to put your terms and conditions of employment on equal footing with employees across the rest of the telco.
Through our member survey, we've come up with strategy around claims that we are confident not only accurately reflects your views, but compares fairly with industry expectations.

  • Guaranteed pay increases each year on your actual rate of pay, that keep up with the cost of living;
  • For the wage increase to also be reflected against allowances;
  • Increased paid penalty and overtime rates;
  • Alterations to the span of ordinary working hours
  • No more junior rates;
  • Fair travel payments;
  • A laundry allowance;
  • Superannuation paid on all leave
  • Increasing redundancy pay up to 48 weeks;
  • Access to the conditions enjoyed by other Optus employees,
  • Higher duties pay
    If you, or somebody you work with, is not yet a member of the CWU - now is the time we need you to join. We can only deliver the best possible outcomes for you and your families with the strength of numbers behind us at the bargaining table.
    Simply reply to this bulletin and we will contact you. Or email reception@cwunion.net


    Our T&S Branch took the problem of heat and cold in the Post parcel facilities to the FWC. Post took the matter seriously and agreed to develop a plan to deal with the dispute. John Ellery from our Branch reached an agreement to deal with the Victorian facilities. The essential elements agreed are:
     Post to organise for temperature testing at a number of facilities, the initial facilities will be Melbourne North, Sunshine West and Bayswater. Post to liaise as to the locations within these Facilities that temperature will be measured.
     Once meaningful data has been obtained, the parties to meet again to review this data and have further discussions based on the findings.


    This is a major facility and is expected to be operational in late March. Technical staffing will be a problem. Post does not have the technical staff to look after the facility without stripping existing facilities. Note that the facility has no air conditioning (just big fans). We have already advised Post of our concerns and we will seek data logging of temperatures for both summer and winter. Our aim is to have an agreement that work must cease (for OHS reasons) when a certain temperature and/or humidity is reached.

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  • Authorised by Dan Dwyer NSW Secretary, Sue Riley Vic Secretary - CWU Telecommunications & Services Branches.

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