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Number 41       4 December 2022


The Federal Court is finalising a settlement in the class action against BSA instigated by Shine Lawyers representing BSA workers. It was alleged that the workers were employees, not contractors. A compromise settlement was reached where BSA will pay $20 million to the workers who registered with the class action. No admissions were made and the result is a compromise to prevent further litigation. It appears that the workers will have their share assessed and will receive their share in 3 tranches.


This is a major step towards ensuring workers can win better pay and more secure jobs - two things that are vital to reducing the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.
The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill will now become the law of the land and start to benefit millions of workers.
On behalf of the union movement, I want to thank the Albanese Labor Government for their commitment to working people - and also acknowledge and thank the Greens, independent senator David Pocock and independent MPs Monique Ryan, Zoe Daniel, Andrew Wilkie, Bob Katter, Zali Steggall, Kate Chaney, Dai Le, Helen Haines and Sophie Scamps for voting to support working people.
This important and urgent change to Australia's workplace laws wouldn't have been possible without action by tens of thousands of union members. Congratulations on contributing to this historic reform and for being a part of our movement.
The Australian union movement has always worked towards big, important and permanent changes that benefit all workers. Time and time again, we've proven that change is more than an idea - it is an action we take every day.
That's why I'm inviting those who are not yet union members to join almost 2 million union members today - stand with us as a member and be a part of the movement that is creating real, positive change for us all. You can join online today here.
In unity, Sally McManus ACTU Secretary
P.S. Our work doesn't stop now we have the new Secure Jobs, Better Pay laws - it's only just starting. The union movement has so much to do, to ensure workers win fair, decent wages and real job security. The best way to ensure we make work better and more secure for all is to join your union today.


The new laws in the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill also mean that you will no longer be forced to keep your pay a secret.
Members in Optus and Telstra are welcoming the development.
Some employers force people to sign "pay secrecy clauses", which is exactly what it sounds like and legally stops people talking to colleagues and comparing how much they're getting paid. From now on you can decide if they want to share that information or not.


The ACTU congratulates the Prime Minister and Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke on the passage of the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill. The Bill gives working people their first chance at wage growth in more than ten years.

Senator David Pocock joined with the Government, the Greens and some crossbench MPs in the lower house to vote in favour of wage growth for working people, and to reject the scare campaign which has been run by big business against this Bill.

This Bill is a significant step towards fixing our broken bargaining system and will provide millions of working people with greater access to bargaining, a system which should be the engine of wage growth in this country.

With the passage of this Bill through the parliament, workers across the country will finally be on an equal playing field with their employers, and able to negotiate pay rises through a system which is fairer and more equitable. The Bill will also make taking action to close the gender pay gap simpler and more affordable for all working people.


What do the CEO of Qantas, the Liberals and big business groups all have in common? Well let's see.

  • Qantas CEO Alan Joyce illegally sacked 2,000 workers at the height of the pandemic in 2020.
  • Two business group giants - the ASCI and AIG - have routinely supported real wage cuts to the lowest paid workers in the country.
  • When in government, the Liberals said keeping wages low was a "deliberate design feature" of their plan for Australia.
    Big business and their mates in the Liberal Party have never supported workers getting pay rises -so why should we trust them to support workers' best interests when it comes to the Secure Jobs Better Pay bill?


    Decades of progress in women's workplace safety in one week
    Sexual harassment is not inevitable: it is preventable, says Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins - and finally, we have a government who is doing something about it.
    Just last week the Respect@Work Bill was passed in Parliament, signalling the Government's firm commitment to gender equality by ensuring women can earn a living safe from sexual harassment.
    In swift succession to this long overdue policy move, the Government has also moved to ratify the International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (109) - which recognises every worker's fundamental right to be free from all forms of violence and harassment at work

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