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Number 35       9 October 2022


This latest advice from Telstra is below. Essentially, most members will have a new employer. There is a technical redundancy but as the same conditions are being offered by the new employer, the technical redundancy is negated. Therefore if you do not accept the new employment conditions (and employer), then your employment will cease without redundancy.
The new contract is important and will confirm no change in your conditions. We will review the wording as soon as we see copies of the proposed contracts. We will advise you of our opinion. At this stage we do not expect any issues.


As part of Telstra's legal restructure we're establishing a new holding company for the Telstra Group, and creating new companies under it -
InfraCo Fixed,
Telstra Limited (ServeCo), and
Telstra International.

While no-one's job or reporting line is changing, most Telstra people will end up being employed by a different legal entity, which means they'll need to accept a new employment contract.

  • Accepting the contract is simple, but critical. It's the one action everyone needs to take to continue in their role, with their same EA conditions, pay and benefits.
  • Under the new legal structure, most employees will be employed by `Telstra Limited'. Those moving to Telstra Limited will keep their same role and reporting line, and our existing EAs and organisational structure will carry over, unchanged.

    Everyone who is moving to Telstra Limited will get an email on 26 October with a link to review and accept their contract, ahead of officially transitioning to Telstra Limited on 8 December 2022.

  • We are encouraging everyone to accept their offer by 11 November 2022 to help us ensure a smooth transition.
  • There is more information on the employment transition site on the Telstra Intranet.

    No redundancies and no new email signatures

  • We're not reducing any roles as part of this process - everyone who is employed by Telstra Corporation Limited at the time of the restructure will be offered a new role that is the same as their current one.
  • In accordance with our EAs, the covering email that will accompany the contracts refers to the employee's role with Telstra Corporation Limited as being "redundant". However, the role will still be needed within the Telstra Group.
  • There are no redundancy impacts, because we are offering each employee the same role with another company and kept their employment conditions intact. This is not a voluntary redundancy process either, because we're not reducing any roles.

    What stays the same

  • The company name on your email signature
  • Your email address
  • Your role, title and work code
  • Your pay and super
  • Your Enterprise Agreement
  • Your team and reporting line
  • Your benefits, leave balances and years of service
  • Your access to learning and career moves
  • Our purpose and values
  • Telstra policies

    What changes

  • The company name on your contract
  • Telstra Corporation Limited shares become Telstra Group Limited shares

    Who goes where?
    Under the new legal structure, most Telstra Corporation people will be employed by `Telstra Limited'. The exceptions to this are:

  • InfraCo Fixed people will stay in Telstra Corporation Limited which, in time, will be rebadged as Telstra InfraCo Limited.
  • Those in InfraCo Towers have already moved to Amplitel.
  • People on Telstra Health or Purple contracts will stay where they are. However there are a small number of people in those two businesses that are employed directly by Telstra Corporation Limited today - and their employment will move to Telstra Limited.
  • People who are employed by an entity outside of Australia (such as Telstra International Philippines), will stay where there are.


    It appears that we have exhausted the negotiation process. We have not reached agreement, although there have been significant improvements.
    The headline 4% pay rise is misleading. What are you losing?
    While the 4% may look attractive, some of it is offset as you will lose shift penalties. It is a very complex EBA and you may find it impossible to follow. We urge you to take the time to see what pay increase you will get. For example, casuals will usually not get their casual loading of 25%.
    Our union does not support the agreement. This is not industry leading. It is a very poor proposal and if we fight, we can improve the EBA.
    One major improvement is the need for simplified and actual penalty rates. The removal of actual penalty rates hides what would be a significant increase. When it comes to a vote - Vote NO. If the NO vote is successful, we would resume negotiations seeking actual shift penalties, a better base pay and a clause that will allow the Fair Work Commission to settle disputes.


    Following this sudden jump in inflation, the Union wrote to Telstra for further pay negotiations, despite the EAs being voted on and accepted by the workforce in good faith.
    As an outcome of discussions, Telstra will now pay an additional one-off $1000 bonus to be paid to all EA employees just prior to Christmas.
    This payment, inclusive of superannuation, will be paid to every Australian-based Band 2-4 employee covered by a Telstra EA, Band 2-4 employees in SEAL and Telstra Purple EA employees.
    The payment will be made to Telstra Purple employees on 15 December, and remaining employees on 21 December 2022.


    The new Agreement for retail workers contains significant improvements, but there is lots more to do.
    Some of the highlights of this new Agreement include:

  • Guaranteed pay rises - 2.5% on 1 October 2022, 3% on 1 November 2023
  • A decrease in hours of work for former Fone Zone employees from a 76 hour fortnight to a 73.5 hour fortnight along with an additional 3.5% increase to the hourly rate
  • A new 25% loading for all hours worked after 6pm on weeknights, and all day Saturday
  • A 30-60 minute meal break after only 5 hours work
  • Work after 10pm during the week and 7pm on weekends will be paid as overtime
  • 15 days per year of personal leave
  • 16 weeks paid parental leave for all parents
  • Superannuation paid on unpaid parental leave
  • Gender affirmation leave
  • Allowing casual store employees access to work in store leadership roles
  • Giving part time employees the choice to work additional hours when it suits them, with overtime payable after full-time equivalent hours have been worked
    Telstra will be paying an additional $1000 bonus to all employees at the end of this year. The bonus will be paid to Telstra retail employees, who were employed on 1 October 2022. The payment will be made on 21 December 2022.
    The next round of negotiations will see Telstra retail workers bargaining solely for a new retail agreement. This means we cannot rely on our Unionised strength across the remaining Telstra workforce to effectively bargain to retain these wins, and secure better outcomes for Telstra retail workers. That's why it is crucially important that you and your colleagues join the Union, today. We are only as strong as our membership and our density will determine the outcomes of future bargaining efforts.


    BAI Communications is offering apprenticeships across Australia. If you know someone interested in technical work, see the advertisements at www.baicommunications.com/careers.


    Telstra staff were advised this week of a date breach Telstra said:

      We have been made aware of a data breach of a third party that previously provided Telstra's Worklife NAB Rewards Program - the precursor to the MyRewards program. The data was posted online and was limited to names and email addresses of a number of Telstra employees who had signed up to the now-obsolete program.
      The data is from 2017 and includes the first names, last names and email addresses of approximately 30,000 Telstra employees who were employed prior to 2017, 12,800 of whom are currently employed by Telstra. No additional information was included in the breach.
      We would also like to reassure you that we are confident the current MyRewards program has not been compromised, however in the interests of being extra vigilant, we've arranged for the MyRewards passwords for all users to be reset. This means next time you log in to the platform you will be asked to reset your password.


    We have advised Post that we are moving to mediation in line with the EBA dispute process.


    We have written to Post seeking that it complies with the EBA in relation to team leaders and the selection process. Post is ignoring EBA requirements relating to mandatory qualifications such as Certificate IV qualifications and electrical licences.
    A special TCM meeting is set for Tuesday where we will press the matter. We will not agree to arrangements that breach the EBA.

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