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Number 09       19 March 2023


We have written to Optus seeking clarification of their approach to the handover of shifts. Our letter below explains. If you do a shift handover without pay, please contact us asap. (by return email will do).

    We are writing to inquire about a practice that appears to be occurring in shift work areas. Shift workers are being told that they must remain back and/or arrive early so that a shift handover takes place. We acknowledge that a handover is necessary and that the length will vary, depending on the circumstances.
    However Optus is not paying staff for the additional work.
    We believe that this work must be paid time. We will seek more details from staff.
    We seek your confirmation that this (handover) is work time and must be paid time.


We received advice this week from Mark Wild that NBN proposes to reduce its staff by about 500 (about 10%). We have no details at the moment. Should you have concerns please contact us.

    I am writing to formally advise you of some changes we are making, which may have an impact on any members you may have at nbn.
    nbn operates in an environment which is changing rapidly. Technology constantly evolves, as do the possibilities enabled by secure, reliable, high-speed internet. The competition nbn faces to win and retain customers is intensifying. Continuing to deliver on our purpose of lifting the digital capability of Australia means navigating these changes in our environment. To achieve our vision of becoming a brilliant wholesaler we need to execute faster and to become more efficient than we have been in the past. To do this, we are making a number of changes across the company to:
    1. Simplify
    2. Clarify accountabilities
    3. Identify and eliminate duplication
    4. Introduce automation where it makes sense to do so, and
    5. Focus on the work most essential to running and changing our business now and in the future.
    Across nbn, business units have identified potential changes along these lines - for example, stopping some work, combining teams to reduce leadership roles and moving teams to create more streamlined and efficient processes. We anticipate that our employee base across the company will reduce by around 500 people, or about 10 per cent of our workforce, by 30 June 2023. More information will be shared across nbn in the coming days about this change and what it will mean. We have started consulting with potentially affected employees progressively from today to get their feedback on the proposed changes and how we can manage the impact. Everyone experiencing change will have a range of professional support options available to them including outplacement services at nbn's cost if their role is to be made redundant and they are unable to be redeployed to other work.
    Once we have started to consider feedback from employees and the changes take firmer shape, I will write again with more details of anticipated outcomes. In the meantime, if you would like to meet to discuss the changes, the impact on employees and the measures we are taking, I would be very happy to do that.


The media is trying to confirm stories that Telstra will have another round of redundancies associated with T25. So far we have heard nothing from Telstra so we cannot comment.


The ACTU welcomes the passing of new laws through the Senate that usher in tougher penalties for employers who expose workers to serious risk in the workplace.
To ensure employers take their health and safety responsibilities more seriously, the Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2023 will prevent employers from obtaining insurance to cover work health and safety fines.
The new laws also extend the most serious offence to include negligence as a fault element, so chances of conviction are greater. Negligent and reckless employers (INCLUDING MANAGERS) can now be subject to the most serious penalties.
In 2022, 169 employees died at work, and 18 have died so far already this year. Each year more than 4000 workers die from diseases caused by their work. Every workplace death is preventable, and these stronger laws aim to deliver safer workplaces for everyone.
The new laws come just a week after the ACTU's campaign against the engineered stone that is causing fatal silicosis cases led to a meeting of state and territory Health and Safety Ministers unanimously agreeing to consider a ban on the deadly product.
ACTU Assistant Secretary Liam O'Brien: "The right to a safe and healthy working environment is a fundamental human right. Health and safety is union business and unions will always fight to ensure workers return home safely each day.
If you cut corners on safety and someone dies or is seriously injured, you should be held responsible, and you should go to jail. Employers should not be able to take out insurance to cover penalties for killing a worker."

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