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Number 16       07 May 2023


Post has advised its position on the direct nomination of PTO6 at SPF to PTO7.

    As we have discussed previously, the current SPF PTO6 positions are equivalent to the 2IC PTO6 positions in the proposed structure as they are responsible for a team not a shift therefore those currently in the positions will be automatically directly nominated to the equivalent position. This position is a title change only that better reflects their current role. They will of course have the opportunity to apply for the PTO7 positions should they wish.

We responded as follows:

    (We) cannot agree that the PTO6 second in charge positions are "equivalent" to the current team leader PTO6 at SPF.
    The current SPF PTO6s are in charge of a critical technical environment in Sydney, where Post achieves significant profits. Further they also were in charge of the remote SGF equipment and staff, another critical centre for Post. They have managed to keep SPF going despite some radical structural changes, shift changes, staff losses and policy reversals.
    There is no reason to treat the permanent PTO6 staff at SGF any differently to the direct nominations at SWLF.
    Unless a specific reason exists, we feel that the PTO6 at SPF are being targeted and unfairly judged.
    We intend to take the matter further if there is not a change.


We received a strange response when we sought clarification of reporting points. Post said:

    Confirming that the Technical Manager reporting line does not change and will remain as per current process reporting into David Barrett who reports into myself (Normie).

We responded as follows:

    On the matter of the reporting point of the TM, this means that SWLF staff will also report to Dave. Do I have this wrong?


We have been advised a set our below. If you have any issues, please contact us.
Members should take note of the following impending changes to the way those working on the Services contract under Field Service Excellence will see work orders displayed in Service Max Go (SMAX).
These changes will be rolled out via a trial with NBN's field workforce over a two week period, this month. Following this trial, feedback will be gathered with any required adjustments made, before moving into a pilot stage with a single delivery partner to gather further feedback.
Once the pilot is complete, a stage of consultation will occur with delivery partners to design a possible implementation, before launching the changes nationally. Importantly, there is no change to the scheduling and assigning of work, or how that work is undertaken in the field.
Current scenario: All work orders assigned in a technician's schedule are displayed in SMAX Go, from 1am on the day.
Proposed change: For Metro and larger Regional areas, only two work orders will display in SMAX Go from 1am on the day of work. Once a work order status is marked as terminal, the next work order will drip in, maintaining visibility of two work orders only.
Exemptions: There is no change for Field Supervisors and technicians operating in select smaller regional areas and all remote areas. All work orders will continue to be visible in SMAX Go.


Ampol, BP and ExxonMobil are just three of the world's multinational corporations that have have raked in billions of dollars in profit in recent years.
And yet, the amount of Australian corporate tax these companies have paid? None. Zero. Zilch.
Big business profits - including those of Australia's biggest oil and gas companies - are going through the roof, and in some cases, outstripping even pre-pandemic levels. This Greed-Price Spiral is what's really driving inflation.
"Higher oil, gas and electricity prices had been the largest contributors to higher inflation in Australia over the last 12 months", according to Professor Garnaut.
Meanwhile Australians are suffering real, day-to-day consequences of the cost of living crisis - and being blamed for it.
Between the RBA - which delivered yet another 0.25% increase this month, the 11th increase since May 2022 - and multi-billion dollar companies, average Australians are bearing all the pain of a situation they did not cause and have little control over.

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