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Number 26       23 July 2023


We wish to look at the situation re the keeping of Telstra stores at home by Telstra field staff. The process involves receipt of the spares etc, unpacking, storage, restocking vehicle and overall. This is work and is subject to normal pay and overtime. It may affect start of day or end of day, depending on when it needs to be done.
Please send us your information - it will be treated confidentially.


Overall, for the past 10 tears, Hostplus and AustraianSuper were the top performers, both delivering over 8%. See Superannuation funds: (thenewdaily.com.au)


If you require a union dues contribution statement for your Tax return, please contact me either by phone (03 9663 6815) or email tbradley@cwu.asn.au with your details. Please note that office hours are 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Thursday.


This week Telstra announced significant job cuts, about 15% of its workforce. We were provided with hundreds of pages of material - ensuring that we would be lost in the detail. We met with Telstra on Friday for consultations. These were high level and did not greatly assist the understanding.
Telstra agreed that some work was being moved offshore. In response to one question, Telstra agreed that when the roles are moved offshore, the remuneration is below that paid in Australia.
Telstra adopted a novel approach in the HR area. If there are not any volunteers, then no one will be made redundant. Isn't it nice to be a decision maker?
Further meetings are planned this Friday.
If you have any issues arising from these redundancies, please contact us with details.


Here some extracts from the Telstra announcement:

    Today we've announced proposals to continue to reshape our business so that we remain competitive, efficient as well as effective in the way we work.
    If the proposed changes proceed, it will mean a net reduction of up to 472 roles, taking into consideration new roles that would be created.
    The largest impacts would be in Telstra Enterprise (TE) and while many parts of the business would be affected, there won't be any reductions to our Telstra consumer teams who serve our customers in store, on the phone or at their home. There will be a very small number of metro store closures, however these teams will all be deployed to nearby stores.
    These proposals have been designed to:
  • Ensure we are competitive, efficient and set up to win and meet our customers' needs in the Enterprise segment.
  • Evolve the structure and ways of working within Product & Technology (P&T) so we're set up to become Australia's best digital product organisation.
  • And to address impacts across Telstra from exiting legacy products and services, as well as gaining efficiencies from increased digitisation, automation and new technology which is critical for us to remain competitive and achieve our customer ambitions.
    In summary we are proposing that:
    In Enterprise we're transitioning from legacy products and services to growth areas and therefore need to re-align our focus and resources.
    In Telstra Purple we're proposing changes to improve our operating model and reductions in areas of declining demand. This rebalancing would help us manage our margins so we remain competitive and better positioned to ensure that Telstra Purple continues to be a growth engine for Telstra.
    In P&T, the proposed changes are predominantly about evolving our structure and ways of working to set up the function for an exciting future and help the team better deliver growth, create differentiated customer experiences, and more regular product releases.
    Other changes across the organisation would largely result from exiting legacy products and services plus gaining efficiencies from increased digitisation, automation and new technology.
    Telstra and Telstra Purple are committed to consulting with affected employees, and their chosen representatives, in relation to these proposals and giving them a bona fide opportunity to influence the decision-making process.

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  • Authorised by Dan Dwyer Secretary - CWU Telecommunications & Services Branches.

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